Leading Android App Development Services in India

Mobile apps have become an important part of the lives of people. Today, people prefer user-friendly apps for work-planning, entertainment, traveling or shopping. The majority of the apps amongst them are Android apps. So, Android app development is in high demand globally.

As a premier Android application development company in India, Biz4Solutions has been developing user- friendly Android apps customized according to the client’s requirements. Our apps are industry-specific and feature-rich. We deliver the projects in the set deadlines while maintaining the quality and market standards. Our Android app developers in India have extensive experience of working on the latest technologies and latest android versions. To create impactful apps, we do brainstorming and consolidation of ideas, workflows, data, etc. before beginning the project. Our apps are known for their robust code, alluring designs, and smooth functioning. Hire the best Android app developers from India to develop dedicated Android apps for any business needs.

Our Expertise

Our Android app developers in India have proficiency in creating advanced Android apps using technologies like Android SDK, Gradle, Kotlin, and various APIs. We serve global clients from diverse industries.

Our Android Apps Cater to a Diverse Industry Vertical

App Development Process

At Biz4Solutions, a leading Android app development company in India, we constantly strive to develop highly efficient and secure applications. Our team uses agile methodology for product development life-cycle.

Android Apps Portfolio

We have developed world-class Android apps for industries like transportation, healthcare, water, education, hospitality, retail, etc. We develop advanced on-demand apps, IoT-based apps, social apps, etc. for diverse clients suiting their specific business needs.


On-Demand Healthcare


It’s a HIPAA compliant Android app which helps senior citizens to instantly hire care-givers on demand. Caregivers provide daily care services and help during emergency times.




It is a social networking app which has voicemail, texting, calling and call-blocking facility. It’s a new-age app which people can use for connecting personally or by forming groups.



Total Management App for Physicians

It is an app that provides physicians an easy way to record payment-related activities of directorships, co-management agreements, hospital arrangements, etc.


IoT/ Transportation


It is an app that shows the speed limit to the user of a car. It uses IoT device and an LCD to display results in the car. It warns the user with a beep sound when speed limits are exceeded and saves their lives.



Museum IT

It is an interesting app that provides information about the museum’s collection of artistic, historical, cultural, or scientific objects available on thewebsite to the users of app.



Mentor-Mentee App

It is a mentoring app having multi-user login where people having different skills like singing, guitar, dance, etc. can join as mentors and the mentees can learn as per their interests.