Bridges the Gap between Music Artists, Event Venues, and the Community

Customer Profile

A US-based client needed an all-in-one app solution for music events that would connect the music community, performing artists, and event venues under a single platform.


Musicians and artists need to invest a lot of time and effort in finding relevant venues for their gigs and spreading the word amongst the music community. Live concert venue managers too, find it difficult & time-consuming to discover the desired artists who can perform at their venue. Also, there’s no easy way for music concert lovers to stay informed about the upcoming stage shows in their area.


Biz4solutions helped the client to create a versatile music concert app named LiveMusicCommunity! The app bridges the gap between performers, venue managers, and the community, by instantly connecting them in real-time. Using LiveMusicCommunity, artists can find venues, venue managers can book performers, and audiences get information about music events with just a few taps on their smartphones.

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Biz4Solutions developed an all-inclusive music concert app named LiveMusicCommunity. This is a platform that brings together the entire music world – performing artists, venue organizers, & audiences. As such, tasks like booking concert venues, finding performers, conveying concert information to the community, finding live concert details, etc. become easy, hassle-free, and quick. Artists & musicians can promote themselves by creating a dynamic profile & can add streamed videos to their profiles. They can also book venues and create events so that they are easily discoverable. Venue managers can send a request to artists for live performances. Community users can be created on the live app. Audiences can compare the profiles of various artists available in the app and stay informed on upcoming music shows by those artists. The client is notified if a new venue or artist profile is created. Users can interact with one another using the app’s in-built communication channels.

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Providing guest user support.
  • Detect conflicts.
  • Effectively managing artist ratings, invitations, & bookings.
  • Displaying the artist/venue only when they fulfil the selection criteria defined by them.


We conquered all challenges to develop the desired solution. Our tech nerds employed complex algorithms to manage artist ratings accurately & effortlessly; along with guest user support management. The conflict detection algorithm was used for handling tasks like event bookings, invitations, etc. We used advanced algorithms so that the available artists & venues were displayed only when the pre-defined selection criteria got fulfilled.

Solution Highlights

  • Musician/Artist Module: Locate the live concert venues available and request/manage bookings.
  • A “featured” promotional section: Users can promote their talent or venue owners can promote their available stages.
  • Venues Portal: Provide slots for live performances, accept or reject booking requests from artists, and determine the terms & conditions for tips to artists from users.
  • Community Module: Discover local musicians/artists through the app, find out about nearby live music concerts/events, save lists of events & artists & share this information with friends.
  • Media Player playing the registered artists’ media having functionality like shuffling, sorting by “cover” and “original”.


  • The app caters to both Android & iOS users for reaching out to more audience groups. (Users can log in through Google or Apple).
  • A very Comprehensive Event Management app without much involvement for platform Admin.
  • Event venues can define the specifications of the target artists and send stage show invitations to artists.
  • Opens up new avenues of stage opportunities for local artists & musicians.
  • Admin posts the list of upcoming events along with the details of each event.
  • Besides discovering artists, users can also listen to streaming music videos uploaded by the artists on YouTube, by using YouTube APIs.

Additional Value

  • Payment Integration: Stripe API Integration is used for payments; In-app payment via PayPal, cash App, GPay, venmo, & credit card.
  • Map integration: Google places, Google Maps APIs are used to provides map directions to users on how to reach the event venue from their present location.
  • One-to-One messaging: The Artists and the Venue managers will be able to communicate with each other through one-to-one messaging.
  • Deeplinking: Deep links help admins to detect where the app users are coming from.
  • Advanced search: Users can apply search filters based on date, location, event type, etc.
  • Queue action window enables users to choose the different actions for the selected media like add to queue, replace queue, add to the bottom of the playlist, etc.
  • OneSignal Push notification: The users will be notified by a Push Notification.
  • Ticket Booking: A ticket button & a link for users to book tickets for a music event.
  • Audiences can like, follow, and tip artists through the app.
  • Community users can listen to the music of their fav artists while using the app and checking out events etc. while the community radio continues in the background.
  • Users can rate the artists as well as the venues.
  • The audience receives push notifications whenever their favorite artist performs again or their favorite venue hosts an event.

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