Water Quality Testing App

Real-time IoT-based Water Monitoring App

Customer Profile

Client wanted us to develop a water quality monitoring and treatment app that can become a one-stop solution for managing all the operations related to water-based industrial testing.


It was challenging to monitor microbial growth in water used for various purposes. And, if not monitored properly, it became impossible to control microbial growth, leading to contaminated water. Also, managing water data during testing operations on field was difficult.


Biz4solutions helped the client to develop a top-class water quality monitoring application. This app detects microbes present in water in real-time, within minutes rather than a few days. The app also suggests to users the choice of biocide and the dosage needed to resolve issues in contaminated water. The usage of sensors facilitated on-site water monitoring during field operations.

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Biz4Solutions crafted an innovative IoT-powered water monitoring app. This app is designed for analyzing data on microbes present in drinking water. The app detects microbes in drinking water and analyzes the data to troubleshoot and resolve water contamination problems. This rapid biological testing mechanism helps users to identify issues timely, prevent the formation of microorganism, thereby minimizing the risk of corrosion. Apart from drinking water, this app caters to testing water quality for manufacturing industry, wastewater, and energy applications.

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across some challenges while doing the development like.


Our proficient and experienced development team overcame all challenges to build the desired solution. The water monitoring app used Bluetooth technology to connect with the device and a sensor meter to capture data from different water testing sites. A single app can monitor various sites. The water monitoring outcomes are created for individual sites separately and the results are displayed through graphs for better understanding.

Solution Highlights

  • Geo-location and Camera integration.
  • Connectivity between Sensors, Meters, and the device’s Bluetooth .
  • Advanced analytics and graphs for the data points.
  • Sharing of generated reports with other users.
  • Workflows of sample points with other registered users.
  • Monitoring microbial growth trends at the entry points.


  • Users can operate their Bluetooth devices via mobile handsets to generate data.
  • View trends/results depicted through charts with a simple click on the dashboard.
  • Send real-time status reports to field operators and enable management for same-shift troubleshooting.
  • Usage of map alarms to pinpoint hotspots in the distribution system.
  • Water data is displayed using graphs that compare the data range based on the data captured on different days of the month.
  • On-field water data collection and prompt results help users in improved decision-making and save their time.
  • Access to timely information improves the efficiency of industrial processes and enhances the product quality.

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