Customer Profile

A US-based client was desirous of a solution that would help aviation companies find the
desired airline crew and manage flight operations effortlessly.

Aircraftcrews Issue/Problem

Problem Statement

Nowadays, aviation firms and aircraft owners find it difficult to enlist pilots and cabin crew as per their specific requirements. Airline operators have very few options to choose from due to a shortage of airline crew. The Covid-19 pandemic has further worsened this issue of airline crew shortage. Besides, identifying & recruiting skilled crew members is a time-consuming task. Also, it’s challenging for airline companies to manage operational activities with minimal errors. With the existing systems, communication gaps and the chances of misses are very likely.

Aircraftcrews Result


Biz4Solutions helped the client develop a versatile airline management app that has automated certain routine, crucial & time-consuming tasks and streamlined the aviation industry operations. With this kind of app, the chances of flight management errors and costly misses are very unlikely. This app helps airline operators quickly & effortlessly find the right kind of expertise as desired. Airline crew recruitment becomes hassle-free. This app also helps aircraft owners manage flight inventory & operations more efficiently than ever before.

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Biz4Solutions tailored an innovative app for the aviation industry, that helps Airline companies find skilled crew and manage operational activities more effectively. Airlines company owners can create job posts (both regular and contractual) with the desired requirements and job details. They can even hire the most suitable candidate through the app. Airline owners can send requests to pilots & flight attendants for joining their trips. Job seekers can also approach the airlines by responding to their job posts. The app is segregated into three modules: Admin Console, Pilot Module, and the General User Module. Admins can create flight trips between two places and add the relevant crew members to the trip. Admins can accept/reject users. Pilots and crew members can manage tasks without errors and misses. Passengers get important flight-related information right away and can perform tasks like choosing meals, providing reviews, etc.

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across some developmental challenges as mentioned below:

  • Implementing subscription in app for feature restrictions.
  • Make sure that the app’s performance is not affected even during heavy user traffic.
  • Safeguard the security of confidential data handled by the app.


Our tech nerds overcame all the challenges that came their way to build the desired solution. Our team ensured that immediate notification is received to the server whenever the user cancels the subscription. This helped to deactivate all the paid features to the user and make the subscriptions inactive. We used AWS to integrate the functionalities of auto-scaling and load balancing so that a sudden increase in user traffic doesn’t hamper the app’s performance. We employed Firebase to add an extra layer of security to the app’s data, ensure secure messaging & protect confidential data from security threats.

Aircraftcrews benefits


  • The app caters to Android, iOS & web users and hence can reach out to a wide range of audiences.
  • Airline owners can find & recruit the best-suited candidate for a particular job role easily and quickly.
  • Pilots can apply for job posts using the app.
  • Users, particularly cabin crew associated with a trip, can message each other via message boards for better coordination & task management.
  • Users/passengers get suggestions and hotel recommendations via push notifications.
  • The history of all payment transactions made through the app gets recorded and can be accessed by the users involved in it.
  • Passengers can write reviews on flight experiences and also report other users for misconduct.

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