ASP.NET MVC Development Company

Microsoft .NET is a cross platform and open source framework that helps in creating simplest to complex applications for various industries. It is a framework that offers programming guidelines to develop wide array of applications from web to mobile to windows. This framework can work with many programming languages like C#, VB.NET, C++, etc. This framework has large collection of class libraries that can support simple to complex data structures. We at Biz4Solutions are expert in crafting ASP.NET MVC architecture applications according to business needs. Our skilled .net developers design and develop high performance, scalable, user-friendly application for your business.

Significant Features

  • .NET is a feature rich, robust and highly secure platform with great quality.
  • .NET application platform reduces development time, is reliable and scalable and ensures smooth functioning of highly complex business applications.
  • .NET is language independent and can be used with multiple languages.
  • Features such as early binding, Just-in-time compilation increase performance of applications.
  • .NET supports MVC which helps in code separation.
  • .NET is object oriented, which means it supports basic programming concepts such as encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance etc.
  • Since the .NET code is modular, it is easily maintainable.

Our .NET Apps Cater to Diverse Industry Verticals

App Development Process

In this competitive world, we constantly strive to develop top-quality, highly efficient solutions. We prefer Agile methodology for our complete product lifecycle.

.NET Apps Portfolio

We provide complete end to end solution including frontend and backend using .NET application development services and hosting on the cloud. We have developed ASP.NET MVC applications for industries like transportation, logistics, healthcare, water and many more.

Inventory management web app

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System is a desktop app which allows organization admin to manage inventory (stationary, supplies etc.) in his organization. The admin can manage categories, items, departments, users, roles and permissions, maintenance tasks, contacts and documents associated with every item. Super admin can manage all the organizations and their admins.

Solution Highlights:

  • Document Scanning – App connects with scanner and directly uploads the scanned documents
  • Multiple cloud platforms – User can choose from multiple cloud platforms or local machine as document location.
  • Maintenance Task Management related to specific items.
  • Admin can customize the form for creating a new item and can add new fields to it.

Water Treatment Reporting Application

This web based application is a water treatment industry’s online reporting software. Using this platform, it allows the water treaters to save both wet test and controller data, generate reports and graphs, upload documents and perform much more operations based on the same location. All these features are primarily designed to enhance the consulting aspect of water treatment program.

Solution Highlights:

  • Test Data Report Setup
  • Create & Generate Service Reports, Visit Reports, Lab Reports, Inventory Reports.
  • Test Scheduling
  • LSI/RSI Calculator
  • System/Email Notifications Contacts
  • Graphs & Trends