IoT-based Smart Water Quality Management System

Testing water quality is an integral part of operations for multiple industries like water treatment and management, chemical, manufacturing, petroleum, agriculture, wastewater treatment, etc. IoT-based smart water systems are being widely used to reduce manual intervention altogether. IoT solutions with smart sensors, controllers, and water testing meters are increasingly being integrated with software for measuring various quality parameters in water. This data can be further analysed to get better insights. Applications of these systems are infinite and therefore it is changing the way these sectors are operating.

Biz4Solutions is a renowned provider of top-notch IoT services in the water industry. Our IoT-based smart water systems bring high transparency and better control. This ensures improved water quality and also enhances the efficiency of the water systems.

The Conceptual Flow of IoT-based Smart Water Systems

Building blocks of an IoT-based water quality management system comprises an intelligent network of sensors, meters, microcontrollers, communication channels, application servers, databases, and customized software. These together ensure smart water management

that empowers enterprises to leverage the benefits of big data analytics, cloud adoption, and mobile computing to get actionable insights and reduce costs.

Sensors/ Water meters / Controllers transmit the data captured to either the mobile device or directly to the server through various communication channels like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPRS network. Mobile devices fetch the data from the server or the sensors to display it in the application. The Server hosts web services that are consumed by the software. These customized mobile applications include data management features, advanced data analytics, and alert systems based on the monitored parameters. The choice of the parameters to be monitored and the communication channel to be used depends on the requirement of the application.

Smart Water Sensors / Water Meters / Controllers

An IoT-enabled Smart water sensor/ Smart water meters

are extensively used for tracking diverse parameters like microbial quality, pH, salinity, total hardness, turbidity, conductivity, or quantity of Manganese, Chloride, Nitrite, Phosphonate, Calcium, pressure, temperature, the flow of water, level of water, dissolved oxygen, etc. in water. Meter readings are automatically tracked in real-time and periodically sent to the network of cloud servers. This ensures higher accuracy while eliminating the need for manual intervention. Controllers are the devices used to periodically update test results received from sensors on a separate database. For example, a controller will send a result every 15 mins to a designated server.

Wastewater Treatment in IoT

IOT-waster water treatment
Another usage of wastewater treatment in IoT can be to have a smart water sensor to measure the amount of residual chemical after treatment. This can be used to calculate the efficiency of the selected treatment process and ensure that the released amount of chemicals stay within permissible limits.

Magnificent Benefits of IoT in Water Quality Testing, Treatment & Management

IoT Water Portfolio

Water testing& analysis

This cloud-based software has simplified the procedure of water testing as well as management and control of water data. The cloud-based data storage connected to a suite of mobile apps enables storage and reviewing of data remotely from anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, collecting data, analysing, sharing, and creating custom reports are just a finger click away.

Solution Highlights:

  • Ionic framework implementation
  • Geolocation, Camera and Bluetooth integration.
  • Sensors paired with Cloud mobile app using Bluetooth technology for data analysis of microbes in drinking water, wastewater treatment plants, etc.
  • Chart implementation showing graphical implementation of data collected on-site.
  • Cloud-based analytics for easy data storage and management.
  • Share generated reports, workflows of sample points to other registered users.
Real time analysis of water testing

This solution provides the water treatment industry with an online reporting platform that facilitates the service operators to test the water quality more efficiently. This cloud-based data management software allows you to create a centralized location for data entry, data storage, and analysis. Ability to create user-entered reports like service reports, visit reports, lab reports, and inventory reports, System alarms and notifications, Test Scheduling, graphing and trending of tests, etc are some of its features that are designed to enhance the consulting aspects of service-oriented companies and save time in comparison to the traditional documentation methods.

Solution Highlights:

  • Customizable login pages, internal landing pages, and themes for your company branding.
  • Color-coded test results make graphic representation easy.
  • Users can view a history of alarms generated including any responses.
  • Geolocation and Camera integration.
  • Compare user-entered data and controller data in color-coded graphs and trend reports.
  • View time management data in calendar format.
  • Compartmentalize your data and customers based on geographical location or business segment.
  • Customize user access to specific customer locations and features.