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Our Core Healthcare App Development Solutions


Biz4Solutions is a highly competent Healthcare app development company that excels in architecting customized healthcare IT solutions for medical facilities and other stakeholders of the healthcare sector. Our highly skilled healthcare app developers are well-versed in the nitty-gritty of healthcare app development and create robust, performant, scalable, and sustainable healthcare solutions that boast an engaging UI/UX design. The healthcare apps built by us improve transparency, boost productivity, maximize customer outreach, ensure accuracy & data security, reduce operational costs, and save time for healthcare professionals.

Feature-rich Healthcare Management System that we build

Online appointment scheduling, rescheduling, & cancellation by patients/medical staff.
Audio/video calling for remote counseling with the physicians and auto-billing/registration to reduce the load on frontline staff.
Digital records maintenance containing patients’ particulars, hospital visits, payment history, & medical history securely within the system.
Online access to ePrescriptions.
Patient Dashboard for reviewing patient history, prescriptions, other medical data, etc.

What are the Types of Healthcare Mobile Apps we tailor?



EHR & EMR Software for healthcare record maintenance, remote doctor consultations via video calling, ePrescription generation, in-app chat/messaging, appointment scheduling, and calendar integration for appointment management.
Remote Monitoring Apps

Remote Monitoring Apps

Patients with chronic conditions like cardiac issues, diabetes, and COPD can be monitored.
Pharmacy-based Apps

Pharmacy-based Apps

Drug inventory tracking and management, online medicine ordering & doorstep delivery, etc.
Hospital Administration Apps

Hospital Administration Apps

Solutions for healthcare HR software, billing, timetable scheduling, clinical assistance, etc.
Fitness/Wellness Trackers

Fitness/Wellness Trackers

Measures wellness parameters like blood glucose levels, heart rate, sleep quality, etc., and tracks exercise regimes like counting steps.
Patient Portals

Patient Portals

Patients can schedule appointments, refill prescriptions online, and access digitally stored personal health records & lab test results.
Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Users can get information on insurance plans, buy/renew insurance policies online, etc.
Emergency services

Emergency services

Users can find relevant medical providers and the best possible medical assistance during emergencies with just a few taps.
Medical Education Solutions

Medical Education Solutions

Doctors get assistance with medical terminologies and treatment methodologies and can attend training sessions.

How can we make a difference as a Healthcare Software Development Company?

We are a prominent healthcare app development company with 12+ years of experience in full-stack development. We offer comprehensive and scalable healthcare solutions that can smarten your healthcare operations completely. We integrate powerful technologies like IoT, AI, and ML into our Healthcare solutions to obtain the best results. Look at some of the benefits we offer as a healthcare software development company.

An app architecture that best suits your Business Goals

An app architecture that best suits your Business Goals

Clients can choose the healthcare app development architecture – monolithic or microservices – based on their requirements and budget. Our architects ensure that the healthcare app is well-strategized and modernistic to ensure cross-platform compatibility, easy scalability without affecting the app’s performance, and effortless maintenance and updates.
Additional Practices to ensure Data Security

Additional Practices to ensure Data Security

We build HIPAA Compliant healthcare apps to protect sensitive patient data. Besides adhering to all regulatory compliances, we adopt mechanisms like end-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, added test coverage, SAST (identify security vulnerabilities by reviewing the source code), and DAST (conducted from the perspective of an unauthorized individual trying to access the app).
Agile Approach to facilitate better collaboration

Agile Approach to facilitate better collaboration

We follow an agile project development methodology. After each sprint is completed we examine the outcome and plan the next sprint based on the insights gained. Our product development process is faster, transparent, flexible, and more adaptable to mid-project changes, thereby making our product more robust and scalable.
Code Quality Assurance

Code Quality Assurance

We practice high coding standards and regularly refactor the code to maintain its quality. Programming principles like SRP (Single Responsibility Principle), ISP (Interface Segregation Principle), OCP (Open-Closed Principle), DIP (Dependency Inversion Principle), and LSP (Liskov Substitution Principle) are employed for elevating the code quality.

Our Healthcare app development methodology

We analyze your concept, understand your business goals & fundamental needs, and create prototypes/wireframes for providing you with the estimated project cost. Our tech nerds integrate new-era features to make sure that your healthcare app is relevant as per the latest industry trends. We also include some USPs so that your healthcare IT solution stands out amongst similar apps existing in the market. Below are some methodologies we apply while doing healthcare app development:



We create a roadmap for your healthcare project. It contains the details of the technologies and programming languages used and the third-party integration required for implementing certain healthcare app functionalities like EHR systems. We thoroughly inspect the code libraries and APIs involved in third-party integration.


Product Development

We follow an agile development methodology. The entire healthcare product development process is segregated into sprints. Our healthcare developers connect with the client’s management team and keep them informed about the progress of the sprints for improved transparency.


Thorough Testing

We conduct exhaustive testing to ensure that your app maintains the highest standards and best quality. Our testing methodology examines parameters like features, speed, UI, security quotient, regulatory healthcare compliances, and scalability.



If any bugs are detected while testing, our healthcare experts promptly fix the issues; the app is then retested.



Our team helps you to deploy the app at the app stores and other relevant platforms in the healthcare sector.


Maintenance and Support

We provide app maintenance and support services post-launch. Whether it is rolling out timely updates or addressing any issue, we are there for you.

Our Healthcare Development Team That You Can Vouch On


Our healthcare app development team possesses the expertise and knowledge to tailor highly performant solutions that help Healthcare providers to strike the right balance between delivering quality services to patients and managing operational costs. Our healthcare development services have helped multiple clients to upgrade workflow management and offer unparalleled patient experiences.

Our team clearly understands your business objectives and prerequisites of the healthcare solution and focuses on transforming your healthcare app idea into a revolutionary solution. Our specialized healthcare app developers are technically sound, well-versed in the latest technologies, and thoroughly equipped to handle any developmental challenge faced while executing healthcare app projects.

Ready to Transform Your Healthcare Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Healthcare App Development Company

Why do I require a healthcare app? What are its benefits?
Healthcare digitalization is the need of the hour. You, as a doctor, medical practitioner, or healthcare provider, can use an advanced healthcare app for connecting with patients, automating appointment scheduling, managing your healthcare facility, sending notifications or alerts to your patients or medical staff, reducing operational glitches, improving patient experiences/outcomes, etc. Ultimately a healthcare solution will transform your healthcare organization yielding better profits.
What features will be included in my healthcare application?
We will integrate various useful features into your healthcare solution as per your requirements. Some of the key features that are generally included are profile creation, appointment scheduling, in-app messaging, audio-video calling, media uploading, advanced search filters allowing patients to search for healthcare providers at different locations, file storage, geo-location integration, payment gateway integration, customer ratings, and reviews, etc.
Will it be beneficial to develop a custom Healthcare Application?
Yes, in most cases, custom healthcare app development solutions are recommended as every medical service provider has a different set of requirements. Custom development will help you to build task-oriented solutions for your healthcare organization as per the specific needs of each department. Also, custom healthcare apps are interoperable with the existing infrastructure and healthcare ecosystem of the medical facility.
Which Technologies are beneficial for Healthcare App Development?
The IoT technology allows you to develop apps that monitor patients remotely, measure health & wellness vitals, and optimize hospital workflows. Blockchain-powered healthcare IT solutions allow medical providers to add an extra layer of security by decentralizing management and making healthcare data traceable, transparent, and hack-proof. Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions help in detecting diseases at earlier stages, make way for creating personalized treatment plans for patients, analyze errors in prescriptions, enable more accurate clinical decision-making, and help pharmacists in drug discovery and manufacturing.
Does my app need to adhere to rules and regulations?
If your healthcare app stores the personal sensitive information of the user, then it is mandatory to develop HIPAA-compliant apps, especially in countries like the USA as any incidences of leaks and breaches are penalized by the federal government and this penalty can cost you a fortune. Every country has its own set of compliant policies that you need to adhere to.

Other compliant policies: BYOD policy compliance to fulfill HIPAA guidelines; FDA clearance; EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) to capture caregiver information on mobile devices; HL7 Integration to facilitate information sharing amongst healthcare stakeholders and ICD-10 boosts the interoperability of EHRs.
What is the most challenging part while creating a comprehensive app?
Adhering to the standard regulations of HIPAA is one of the most challenging tasks after the app’s deployment. These rules sometimes affect the app’s design and the healthcare software development process as well.
What is the approximate cost of creating a telemedicine app?
Again, the cost of developing a telemedicine app depends on your requirement and the complexity of the features involved. The cost range of developing simple healthcare solutions with fewer features is approximately $15,000-$25,000. However, a complex app with high-end features may cost more than $ 25,000. Please connect with us to get a detailed healthcare app development estimate as per your specific requirements.
What are the trending monetization models of a healthcare mobile app?
The trending healthcare app monetization models are freemium (some features are paid), subscription-based (users pay a monthly/yearly subscription), and paid (users download the app with a one-time payment). Other popular revenue generation strategies are offering in-app purchases and including in-app advertisements.
What are EHR and EMR Systems used for?
EMR is a digitized version of a patient’s chart within a single practice. Information like the patient’s medical history, treatments, and diagnoses, and the details of hospital staff involved in the treatment. This information is not shared outside the practice. EHR is a digitized record of information regarding a patient’s health and contains a lot more information about the patient than an EMR. This information can be shared across different providers like labs, pharmacies, specialists, emergency rooms, etc. that are authorized.

These centralized data storage systems also secure & streamline medical data sharing with labs and other healthcare providers involved. Patients can access their vitals and medical history and reap the benefits of interactive patient portals.
What are the reasons why some healthcare solutions fail?
Some healthcare app solutions fail because of providing misleading information, UI/UX that is not appealing enough to fulfill the customer expectations, the absence of advanced features, not adhering to standard security practices & compliances, and the lack of rigorous testing during different stages of healthcare app development. Most of the aforesaid scenarios occur if you fail to choose a competent healthcare app development company and a solution that is compatible with the existing setup of your hospital or clinic.

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