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Location-based App Development

Location-based features have become a necessity in most applications today. There is a steep surge of location-based apps in the market. These apps with location-based functionality collect real-time data that help businesses to make the informed decision across various domains like fleet and logistics management, transportation business, healthcare domain, the tourist industry, eCommerce sector, social media apps, etc. With such high demand, location-based app development has gained momentum across the globe. Biz4Solutions provides top-class location-based app development services across the globe in various domains. These services will help you in providing an engaging experience to customers. So, get in touch with us and create a flawless location-based app for your business.

Our Location-based App Development Services for your Business!

At Biz4Solutions, we deliver robust location-based apps with reliable GPS tracking features that help in collecting GPS-based analytics data for making business-driven decisions and thus, contributing to yielding a better customer experience. Through our location-based app development services, we help our clients improve discoverability and enrich business value. Our team of mobile app developers has hands-on experience in building GPS-based apps that can easily integrate with third party APIs. Have a quick glance at the common features we provide in the location-based apps, as per the client requirement.

Geolocation integration


Geofencing services


proximity-based marketing


Information filtering on maps

Filtering of
information on maps

Driving estimations


Asset tracking application


Social media solutions

Social media

Field services


Intelligent location for data analytics

Intelligent Location
data for analytics