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Our proficient web app developers will architect highly performant, scalable, and intuitive web apps for your Business. Our adept professionals have extensive expertise and experience in developing top-rated B2B and B2C software solutions.

We have helped several businesses across diverse industrial domains with Web App Development to architect robust and secure web applications that guarantee a high ROI for Business Enterprises!

Web Application Development for better customer outreach

Biz4Solutions, a prominent PWA and web application development company based in Texas, is known for designing highly responsive, interactive, and feature-rich enterprise-level software solutions that deliver an exceptional UI/UX. We utilize the power of the best available technologies such as Angular, React, Ruby on Rails, Grails, PHP, jQuery, ASP.Net, Node.js, MongoDB, Python, etc., and employ high-end testing tools to ensure the creation of a phenomenal end-product. Our empowering software will enable clients to attain better business visibility and alignment, facilitate innovation, engage customers effectively, and provide higher returns on investments.

Our highly professional approach includes following an agile methodology, focussing on customer satisfaction, maintaining transparency, and strictly adhering to project delivery deadlines. Our skilled web app developers walk the extra mile to build solutions that will expedite your business workflow, and maximize your customer outreach. We invest additional efforts to understand customer requirements for being able to deliver products that are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of our valued clients.

Our Responsive Web Application Development Services Offerings

We offer a wide range of customized web application development services that cater to all kinds of business requirements starting from simple CMS creation to building complex web-based apps, eCommerce portals, workflow interfaces, chatbots, ERP solutions and many more. The solutions we design are a uniform blend of expertise, efficient methodologies, and the usage of cutting-edge technologies.

1. Responsive website

2. Designing personalized
website features

3. Designing unique artworks
and graphics

4. Creating database driven
web applications

5. Building mobile-friendly systems
with advanced location integration

6. Developing unique presentations/slide
shows and social networking integration

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps are web-based applications that provide a top-notch user-experience similar to native apps. PWAs are feature-rich, they have fast loading speeds, provide enhanced security to users, provide custom offline pages, automatic updates and offer unparalleled conversion rates and user engagement. So, they are the quick-win solution to engage more users quickly. These apps are very SEO friendly thereby enhancing market reach.

Responsive web design
Responsive website development
Biz4Solutions is a leading mobile and website development services provider company delivering responsive custom web solutions to customers all over the world. We build fastest business web applications using unique custom web design with special focus on the Speed/Designing/UI and responsiveness of the web apps.

Benefits of Web-Based Applications


Web apps are accessible anywhere, anytime through any PC in the world, with the availability of the internet. This allows work from home, the formation of global teams and real-time collaboration.


The UI of the web apps is easily customizable compared to the desktop application. The look and feel of the apps can be easily updates as required.


Web apps are deployed on the servers that are monitored by well-experienced server administrators. This leads to higher security as any issues can be noticed quickly.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The web-based apps aren’t complicated and can be easily installed and maintained. Only the host server needs updating and not individual PCs.


We provide cutting-edge software solutions to global start-ups and mid-sized companies. We build custom web-based apps and software solutions tailored to specific needs of clients. Using agile methodology, we help businesses to mobilize themselves with our technical expertise.

Why Prefer Biz4Solutions to develop Web Applications?

Biz4Solutions has been recognized as one of the leading web application development company by renowned online business listing portals like GoodFirms, Clutch.co, etc. We provide you with a dedicated team of skilled professionals who are well equipped to handle project-related complexities and guide you through all crucial technical decisions you execute. Our advanced web app development services and product development methodology enable us to deliver adaptive web apps that ease out complicated workflows and help you gain a competitive edge over peers. Here is a glimpse of our major attributes.

  • Dedicated scrum masters
  • Extensive domain expertise and result-driven approach
  • Premium quality products guaranteed
  • Highly innovative and prompt web application services
  • Adherence to security protocols while developing products
  • Keeping your ideas safe by signing the non-disclosure agreement
  • Seamless communication to keep you informed during product development
  • Maintaining high levels of integrity and transparency
  • Agile delivery practices and faster time-to-market
  • Round-the -clock services

Web App Portfolio

How do you go about your product development process?

We follow an agile approach while executing the product development process. It involves the following phases:

  • Sprint roadmap is prepared collectively by the team members. Thereafter, the members collaborate amongst themselves for clarifying items and gain a shared understanding.
  • Coming to technical architecture, we disintegrate monolithic apps into microservices. The decoupling of the code enables the teams to progress quicker and more independently.
  • We conduct stand-ups/weekly demos for ensuring that everyone is on the same page and can communicate their concerns.
  • We arrange for code reviews prior to release to identify issues such as file leaks, memory leaks, performance glitches, etc.
Do you sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)?

Yes, we adhere to a strict NDA policy to protect your idea from leakage. We will sign an NDA before commencement so that the assets of both parties are safe.

How can you help me out if I have a partial app idea?

Yes, we will help you to put in place the missing aspects of your partial app idea and assist you in executing it. We have also helped many start-ups without an app idea to develop fully functional applications. The end-product created solely remains your business property.

How will you help a non-technical entrepreneur who intends to build an enterprise-level website or web app?

For non-technical clients, our associates will hold a discussion to understand their ideas and collect their requirements, and then provide you the best possible solution. Once the roadmap is finalized, we commence the development process. Our professionals will be happy to help you with your doubts.

What is the cost of developing a website/web app?

The expenses incurred for website/web app development depend on the number of pages on the website, the amount and complexity of features to be integrated, the inclusion of videos/images/content, and so on. Before the commencement of the project, we will have a discussion to know the pre-requisites and then provide you with a cost estimate.

How will you keep me informed about the status of my project?

We allocate an experienced project manager for each of our app development projects. He/she is the single point of contact who constantly stays in touch with clients and communicates the project status/progress to them via emails, skype calls, etc.

Do you provide maintenance services post product launch?

We excel in providing full-cycle solutions starting from ideation, to support and maintenance services post product launch. We provide support for executing minor changes and fixing bugs for a thirty-day period after going live with no extra charges. After that period you can choose to avail of our paid services concerning maintenance and support. Maintenance services post-launch ensures that your product remains bug-free and is periodically updated with new features to stay relevant.

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