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Mbanking Mbanking

Mobile Banking

Robust and secured banking app solution designed for topmost bank in India.

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DataMine DataMine


An AI-Driven solution to manage and streamline accounting operations.

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Number Sentry Number Sentry

Number Sentry

TeleManagement solution that enhances outbound calling operations.

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Otego Otego


Food Ordering Application to manage Restaurant Orders.

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FoodDining FoodDining


Simplify Old-Age Facility Management with a Tap.

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Mbanking Mbanking


Effortless Dating Solution for Busy Physicians.

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Digilearn Digilearn


An assisted LMS application designed for school and test prep students in India.

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StagesLiveCommunity StagesLiveCommunity

StagesLive Community

Connects music artists, venues, & the community under one unified platform.

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AircraftCrews AircraftCrews


Smartens airline trip management and crew member recruitment.

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Juno Dating Juno Dating

Juno Dating

Match-making algorithms & online dating via video conferencing.

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Goodcheckup Goodcheckup


Online teledentistry consultation session using mobile devices.

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Appweigh Appweigh


Trucks/trailer freight load calculation & warnings for anomalies.

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Improved practice management & healthcare record maintenance.

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Beachcaddy Beachcaddy


This solution enables hiring caddies for transporting beach stuff.

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Phlex65 Phlex65


Seniors can find licensed caregivers on demand in their area.

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Exut Exut


Order essentials on the go and a pick them up from the store.

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Divein Divein


An app that facilitates event management & helps users to locate nearby events.

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Ultratest Ultratest


Water quality monitoring & treatment for water-based industrial operations.

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Watertesting App Watertesting App

Water Testing

Water quality testing, test result tracking, & graphical test reports.

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Trulyplayced Trulyplayced


A marketplace app that connects service providers to service seekers.

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Digital Collaboration Digital Collaboration

Digital Collaboration

Enterprises can remotely collaborate with stakeholders & customers.

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DebtManage DebtManage


Effortless management of Enterprise payments & debts.

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CampusDeals CampusDeals


Offer real-time deals & sell discounted coupons at the college campus.

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Digilock Control Digilock Control

Digilock Control

Manage & configure your smart lock systems remotely through the mobile app.

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fuelmart fuel mart

Fuel Mart

An on-demand app with online fuel ordering and doorstep delivery services.

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iprep iprep


Navigational guidance to interview candidates visiting the Amazon facility.

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Motivate MD Motivate MD

Motivate MD

Study material & guidance to medical students & medical aspirants.

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Virtualmall App Virtualmall App


Live in-store video shopping tour under the guidance of a salesperson.

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Elearningg Elearning


A high-end & feature-rich eLearning app for remote learners.

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Youvoxx Youvoxx


A new-age social messaging app with disruptive features.

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Deliver Perfect Deliver Perfect

Deliver Perfect

Blockchain-based grocery app that verifies the product quality before purchase.

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Rekon Rekon


Real-time vehicle speed monitoring & warnings for speed limit violations.

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Travelbuds Travelbuds


Find & connect with travel buddies with similar routes/plans.

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Dunhill Dunhill


Enables sales agents to easily record & process data at event venues.

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Cold machine Cold machine

Cold Machine

Monitors room temperature & measures indoor air quality.

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Emergency App Emergency App


Emergency response guidance & assistance to building occupants/staff.

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NiftySports NiftySports

Nifty Sports

Decentralized marketplace to mint, buy, sell, & bid sports collectibles.

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Stablecoin Stablecoin


Crypto trading platform that maintains the stability of cryptocurrencies.

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MetaReal MetaReal


A Metaverse platform where one can own virtual properties.

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AssetControl AssetControl

Asset Control

A Solution that simplifies Asset tracking and management.

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DefiTrading DefiTrading


A DeFi lending & borrowing platform for financing working capital.

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