Customer Profile:

Our client wanted an emergency response app that will educate building residents and staff about the building’s multi-hazard emergency safety plan procedures and provide them assistance & guidance in the event of a life threatening incident. 


The occupants, managers, and other staff of a building are not well versed in the emergency response protocols and methodologies. This is because; people hardly spare time for reading emergency plan manuals or participating in the necessary drills and training sessions on emergency handling.


Biz4Solutions helped the client to tailor an emergency response app called WPS Evac for various buildings. The app offers users all the necessary procedures and protocols required by building occupants and staff to handle emergency situations.

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The emergency management software offered by wps evac has been designed for reducing liabilities and saving lives during emergency situations. The app provides all-inclusive guidance to building residents on how they should deal with life-threatening scenarios. This includes information on saving lives, evacuation, and methods for addressing threatening circumstances. The app also provides an SOS button (Currently emergency call, Torch, emergency first aid and alarm options available) that can be used for seeking emergency help.

Developmental Challenges

  • Real-time syncing of new data about a building into the app.
  • Collecting real-time evacuation updates from building residents and wardens during emergencies.

Result: How did we resolve Bottlenecks to develop a perfect solution?

Our skilled developers overcame bottlenecks and devised a versatile solution, wps evac. The app is capable of auto-syncing any new real-time building data. The buttons – “All Clear” & “Report Alert” provide evacuation updates in real-time. Also, during emergencies, the lines of communication through the app are kept open so that the current condition of the building residents can be conveyed to rescue officials in real-time.

During Emergency conditions, usually there is power and internet outage. So torch, alarm options can be used by the users without logging in to the application.

Solution Highlights

  • Quick login and Auto-synching of any new building information.
  • App works in offline mode.
  • PRAs (persons requiring help) are pre-registered with the app.
  • The “Roll Call Feature” enables building occupants to constantly update their safety whereabouts to emergency response personnel.
  • Mass Broadcasting: Quickly broadcast an email or SMS to all registered personnel or groups.
  • Instant evacuation status report delivered direct to building management.


  • The app stores vital information on building equipment, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, etc.
  • Prompt messages can be sent to all registered users to alert them about an upcoming disaster, emergency training, or disruption of building operation.
  • The names of PRAs can be promptly added, viewed, and identified with the touch of a button.
  • Offers training for handling all kinds of building-related threats and hazards.
  • Information on building-specific emergency response procedures is offered to registered building persons (residents, wardens, staff) as per their role .
  • Building-specific information stored in the app enables rescue operators to optimize the safety of building occupants and early responders.
  • Easy access to on-demand training regarding fire safety and other emergency response procedures.
  • Emergency personnel or building managers can send instant text/voice messages to residents to check their evacuation status during the actual emergency. Recipients are expected to promptly reply back informing them about their current status.
  • Emergency contacts registered with the app are quickly notified during emergency situations.

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