eLearning App Development

Modern learning methods like eLearning solutions have transformed the education sector to a great extent. These solutions provide a personalized experience to the learners. They have become the need of the hour. At Biz4solutions, we architect custom eLearning apps and other educational software solutions for diverse clients. We have rich experience in eLearning app development for global clients. We use advanced technologies and incorporate new-age functionalities in the apps. Our apps have helped the clients to enhance their educational outcomes and generate good revenue. Whether you are an educational organization willing to provide virtual education to your students or a corporate entity wanting to train your employees or an individual educator willing to develop an outstanding eLearning app, we are here to help with our eLearning app development services.


Features for eLearning

Our eLearning solutions have learner-focused designs and packed with compelling and enticing features.

eLearning feature


eLearning audio video calling feature

Audio/video calling

eLearning live tutorials feature

Live tutorials

eLearning appointment schedule feature

Appointment scheduling

eLearning payment integration feature

Payment integration

eLearning push notification feature

Push notifications

eLearning social media integration feature

Social media integration

eLearning calender integration feature

Calendar integration

eLearning App Development Portfolio

We are an established eLearning app development company and have created high-performing and captivating apps. Our solutions include tutoring apps, online training software, on-demand learning apps, interactive video-streaming eLearning platforms, exam preparation apps, etc.


Our eLearning app development services will help you build captivating eLearning solutions that have interactive designs, powerful features and simple user experience for quick learning.

eLearning solution
The MotivateMD solution comprises a ReactJS web app and React Native mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. It is specially designed for medical students and aspirants. This app offers innovative products and services that maximize productivity and motivation for studying in the field of medicine. MotivateMD also offers medical aspirants the right guidance, resources and support to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor.

Solution Highlights:

  • Access to relevant videos related to medical course study and entrance exams.
  • Accurate goal setting tracking using color-coded graphs.
  • Calendar integration for accurate tracking.
  • Guidance on interview preparation essay reviews.
  • Mentor guidance: Practitioners reply to users’ messages (queries) daily.
  • Multiple Modules: User, Admin, Editor and Mentor.
  • Information about top medical institutions programs.
eLearning app for professionals
This is a Virtual Classroom learning app for professionals where they can opt for online classes for various trending topics in different streams. There are a plethora of courses available at a click of a button. These courses are offered by subject matter experts from various industries. Live sessions being held in this platform are interactive and the students can very easily communicate with the faculties to clear their doubts and queries.

It also allows organizations to prepare training easily for the employees. Vast content is available for browsing which can keep the professionals more informed and knowledgeable about the streams they are interested in.

Solution Highlights:

  • Backend and Web Console: Play framework, Java, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Scala Pages
  • Java, Angular.js, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • CouchDB for offline functionality
  • Amazon S3
  • Backend auto-scales based on traffic / usage
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Logical, Unit and Functional Testing to ensure security
eLearning solution
It has the ability to browse various tests, courses, Lessons and eBooks. Users can download and browse content at leisure as their is offline functionality provided. Publishers have ability to upload eBooks, lessons, courses and can manage content, authorized users, and roles. We helped build eLearning solutions for customer such that they can offer smart solution for learning, anywhere anytime.

Solution Highlights:

  • Node.js powered asynchronous high performing backend
  • Angular.js, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • CouchDBfor offline functionality
  • Amazon S3
  • Backend auto-scales based on traffic / usage
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Logical, Unit and Functional Testing to ensure security
eLearning solutions for students
It helps students to access Content and use other aspects of the online platform from their mobile device. Students can see the progress of their study, Analytics of tests they have taken, Can ask doubts, Can see performance overview, his/her recent activities and can generate test reports. Mobile app is designed in such a way that it can work both in online as well as offline mode.

Solution Highlights:

  • Backend and Web Console: Play framework, Java, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Scala Pages
  • Frontend: Java, Angular JS, jQuery
  • Offline mode
  • Graphical Analysis of the tests.
  • Private messaging
eLearning App
eLearning is designed for students to access free/paid/public eLearning courses which are posted by users and published by institutes. Users are allowed to set read and write permission to the contents.

Solution Highlights:

  • Calendar Integration
  • Learning module
  • RSS Feed News
eLearning App Development
This eLearning app helps professionals to get information on various corporate topics and helps institutes to showcase their expertise in conducting such corporate presentations. It doesn’t allow to divert from the topic and helps you to be focussed on the selected corporate topics. It helps the professionals to submit assignments, clear doubts with faculties, etc.

Solution Highlights:

  • Responsive Website
  • Integration with SignalR for push notifications
  • Payment gateway integration
eLearning App
Our eLearning mobile/web applications suit the needs of learners, educators, trainers, and system administrators. The eLearning platform allows users to attend live educational/corporate courses or training sessions via virtual classrooms with facilities like real-time video/audio interactions, digital whiteboards, etc. Learners enjoy the flexibility to choose from diverse courses offered by subject matter experts from specific domains. With our eLearning platform, users can access study material/eBooks, take online tests and generate results, track their progress, and also interact with educators or trainers for clarifying doubts. Individual educators and institutes can deliver sessions regardless of their location and hence reach out to more learners.

Solution Highlights:

  • A fully secured payment system.
  • Integration with Google and Facebook.
  • Offline and Online mode.
  • Calendar Integration.
  • Notifications to learners via personalized push notification in real-time.
  • Back-end auto-scaling based on traffic/usage.
  • Open standard authorization (OAUTH) for social media integration.
  • Analytics of Tests, RSS Feed News.
  • Appointment scheduling with educators.
  • Private messaging.