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Significance of IoT in Transportation System

Transportation and Logistics form the backbone of many industries. With a direct impact on the productivity of an enterprise, an efficient transportation system can increase the profitability of such businesses. Access to real-time information is critical to the transportation systems and today, technology is empowering this industry like never before. Intelligent technology like the Iot in transportation industry can enable businesses to have actionable insights and improve their performance. Freight and logistics industries are saddled with challenges like the unpredictability of fuel costs, traffic conditions, weather upheavals, regulatory changes, labor costs, etc. Smarts solutions like the Supply Chain Management Systems, mobile app/based control and IoT in Transportation Industry can connect all the components in an end-to-end integrated network that runs seamlessly across all the departments of an enterprise.

What we do for Transportation Industry

Fleet maanagement

Track driver’s time on the road

  • Get notification when drivers surpass the allowable speed limits
  • Receive point by point examination of each truck for running time, inactive time and distance travelled
  • Calculate driver’s driving hours, breaks and obligation hours
  • Effective fleet management
Automated vehicle tracking solution

Automated vehicle tracking solution

  • Real-time tracking of the vehicle location
  • Track all the trips made by vehicle
  • Field resources can be dispatched in real-time in case of emergency, based upon accurate geographical information
  • Eliminate inefficiencies, saving the drivers’ time and providing them the ability to pick up more shifts and increase profits
Real Time Shipment

Real-Time management of orders and shipment

  • Track and monitor the movement of goods by using automotive sensors in the fleet
  • Manage order fulfillment workflow from warehouse to customers
  • Enhance customer experience by providing popular delivery options including collection point and drop-off networks
  • Easily manage customer’s orders with details and track the order status
Real time inventory management

Real-time inventory management

  • Accurate forecast of goods for future demands
  • Cloud-based inventory system to provide access to important data wherever and whenever required
  • Safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable movement of goods over time and space
  • Reasonable estimates of inventory carrying costs, ordering costs and shortage costs

IoT Transportation Portfolio

Bluetooth enabled weight sensor IoT app

AppWeigh is an intelligent IoT based App specially designed for the transportation industry. It tracks and monitors the real-time load on the trucks and sends the information to the business owners on their smartphones. When the weight in truck exceeds its safe limits or is reduced below a certain limit, owners get notified. AppWeigh uses technologies like Bluetooth-enabled sensors, beacon integration, geo-location tracking, etc.


Beach Caddy is the world’s first App for beach-goers that has 3000 active users till date. Using this app, people who come for vacation on the beach can track the location of caddies and appoint them to help transport items like chairs, umbrellas, etc. beach items. Caddies on the beach can locate customers, track them and manage various customer orders. Tracking, scheduling, communication and payment aspects make it one of the most demanding apps in the transportation and logistics domain. Beach Caddy is built using geolocation integration, camera, SMS using Twilio, payment gateway and social media integration, etc.

What Makes Us Different?

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