Backend Server Development

Biz4Solutions is a Back-end Development Services Provider in USA offering end to end mobile solutions like Mobile/Web client, Server/Back-end, Custom Rest API services and solutions, Cloud Deployments, etc. Our clients come to us with varied needs – some want us to just develop mobile clients & consume existing web services on the back-end. Some want us to build the mobile clients as well as design the web services and build the complete back-end. And for some clients, we manage the complete hosting on the cloud.

Cloud Deployment

While we work with our clients to decide on best cloud hosting strategy, Biz4Solutions has experience in deploying server and other back-end applications on Amazon EC2 and Google App Engine. cloud-deployment

Google App Engine

Google App Engine application is called “Mobile Backend Starter”. It includes:-
  • A ready-to-deploy mobile backend (a server that stores your data with App Engine)
  • Android and iOS client libraries and APIs
  • Sample app for Android & iOS for easy access of data.
Biz4Solutions uses Google App engine to develop and host web & mobile applications on Google’s infrastructure. This allows us to implement different cloud services into client’s apps without actually writing any backend code making the process simpler. The application runs smoothly, even under heavy loads and with large amounts of data. google-app-engine

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 web service provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It’s simple web service interface allows us to obtain and configure capacity easily. amazon-ec2

Microsoft Windows Azure

Build mobile solutions with Windows Azure as a back-end. Azure provides a very good support for mobile services and ability to do customization using Node.js. Biz4Solutions has a lot of experience building mobile solutions with Azure. windows-azure


Parse helps us to create unique and engaging apps on any platform. Biz4Solutions has real expertise to use all features of parse and deliver beautiful apps. firebase

Building Secure Applications

Biz4Solutions uses the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework to build mobile applications to obtain limited access to an HTTP service. OAuth (an open protocol) allows secure authorization in a simple and standard method from mobile clients. building-secure-application

Our Web Solution Consists Of:

  • Responsive Website
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Mobile Compatible Website
  • OpenSource CMS Customization on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
  • Custom CMS Development
  • Ecommerce : Mobile Commerce, Opencart Customization
  • Social Engine Customization