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AngularJS App Development Company in USA and India

In today’s competitive world, there is a need to develop interactive and future-ready apps, and, the Angular framework is an ideal pick for developing such app solutions. It was launched by Google as AngularJS, an open-source JavaScript framework, followed by numerous updated Angular versions. Angular mobile apps and web solutions have created success stories for several businesses. Angular’s component-based structure makes its components exceedingly reusable. Moreover, Angular apps can be compiled and executed on the server side which speeds up application loading and thereby enhances performance. Hence several companies across diverse industrial domains have leveraged the potential of Angular development.

Biz4Solutions is an eminent Angular Development Company from Frisco, TX, USA with a development center in India. Our extensive experience and expertise in Angular Web and Mobile app development are noteworthy. We deliver robust, scalable, interactive, futuristic, data-driven, and highly performant Angular app solutions for the Web, iOS, and Android application environments. Our dedicated AngularJS Developers are equipped with the latest development techniques and standards, adhere to strict project completion timelines, and walk the extra mile to develop unmatched Angular Mobile apps and Web Apps. The apps designed by us stand out from the rest in terms of speed, efficiency, and flexibility.

Our app development approach is highly professional. We thoroughly understand our client’s requirement, then identify the correct development platform/course of action, and finally tailor solutions that will rightly fulfill the business goals of clients.
Our bespoke AngularJS Development Services in USA and India
Would like to tap the potential of Angular to the fullest for crafting result-oriented software solutions? Our proficient team of Angular developers possesses hands-on experience in leveraging Angular’s modular design, Scope, Binding, Routing, Dependency Injections, etc. to deliver performance-driven, future-ready software solutions that cater to business website designing as well as mobile app development requirements. We optimally utilize Angular’s directives for pioneering new HTML syntax and building reusable components that hide the complicated DOM structure, behavior, and CSS. Here are some glimpses of our AngularJS app development services.
Our AngularJS services provide highly customized solutions that cater to your unique as well as demanding requirements.
We make use of Angular’s advanced routing to build outstanding SPAs that deliver a pleasurable UX.
We use AngularFire or Socket for developing real-time applications like Chat apps/IM, Todo, cloud storage, etc.
Our API and Web Service Integration services enable you to augment your existing app using REST APIs and integrate additional functionalities.
Our AngularJS development services have created robust and dynamic eCommerce apps with interactive and feature-loaded shopping carts.
We offer app migration services to modernize your legacy app (windows & web).
We provide end-to-end technical support/maintenance services for ensuring the uninterrupted performance of your current website/mobile app.
We design innovative and captivating UI for Angular apps and pay special attention to branding and a rich UX.
We offer Angular consulting services – understand your business needs and advise accordingly to ensure that the end product befits your vision.
We provide full-cycle services for developing web or internal portals.
As a versatile Angular development company, we also provide these services - migrating your website/web app to Angular or upgrading your existing Angular app from the legacy version to the most recent version and adding new functionalities.
Angular Development Process
In this dynamic and competitive world, Biz4Solutions constantly strives to develop top-quality, highly efficient solutions for our clients across the globe. We follow a secure Agile developmental approach for our complete product lifecycle. As an adept AngularJS development company, our approach to product development is unparalleled. Take a look!

Ideation & Strategy Planning

We are up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies and follow an agile approach, resulting in consistent, client-driven apps with outstanding UX.

UI/UX Designs

Our intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly UI/UX design ensures a seamless experience regardless of the platform or kind of device.


Our smart and organized AngularJS development services lead to the creation of easy-to-navigate, practical, and user-friendly web & mobile apps that are best suiting the client’s business requirements.

QA & Testing

We conduct extensive QA testing to validate whether your app is ready for launch and delivers flawless performance. The end product is checked thoroughly for its usability, functionality, and consistency.

Product Launch

As a dutiful company, we assist clients in effectively launching an app successfully. We take care of every aspect of the final launch starting from market study to comprehending the audience.

Support & Maintenance

Our support and maintenance services help in keeping your app updated with the latest trends for staying competitive. Continual monitoring, reviewing usability, and upgrades are some of them.

Engagement Models we offer

As a leading Angular.js development company in India and USA, we offer lucrative hiring models for our esteemed clients

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Monthly billing, 160 hours of productive activity per month, payment to be made only for measurable work
Managed Services

Managed Services

No establishment fees, milestone-based payment structure, and fixed project budget and deadlines
BOT Model

BOT Model

Access to a huge pool of technical skills, monthly billing, speedier team building, and 160 hours of productive activity per month.

Tools and Technologies used for AngularJS Development

We are a new-age Angular web application development company in India and USA that leverage future-friendly tools and technologies like:

Angular Fire
Angular Fire
Angular IDE
Angular IDE
Why choose AngularJS?
AngularJS is being used widely by front-end developers for building interactive web applications. This framework makes the development process simpler and can very easily be integrated with the other frameworks. Below are some factors for leveraging the potential of Angular web app development.

High Scalability

MVC approach for architecture

A data model that’s developer-friendy

Captivating web and mobile apps

Creation of SPAs

Code re-usability

Precise and lightweight code

Faster debugging

Easy Testing

Creation of SPAs


Server-side rendering abilities

The reasons to pick AngularJS for mobile app development are:

Modular architecture improves flexibility, project workflow, and overall productivity
The usage of filters keeps the stored data organized
HTML allows AngularJS developers to craft captivating user interfaces
Easy coding results in the creation of highly interactive designs and reduces time, effort as well as complexities
The changes made to the previous modules are notified immediately due to two-way data binding
Identifying glitches, defects, or errors in the code is effortless, speeding up the time-to-market

Willing to Develop an Outstanding AngularJS App for Your Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about AngularJS Development

How much does it cost to build an Angular application?
The exact cost of the project depends on your detailed requirements. So, after gathering all the project inputs from you, we will send you an estimation for your project. An Angular app can cost anywhere from $7000+ depending on the functionalities that are needed in the apps.
What is the time required to complete the project?
The time required to complete the project is directly proportional to the number of features present in the application, the number of platforms required, the complexity of design and functionality, etc. Generally with standard features for an app, typically we are looking at a 3-4 month timeframe for completing the project.
Is there any hidden cost that the clients should consider while choosing AngularJS development services?
All our policies are transparent and discussed upfront and hence there will not be any hidden cost after the development starts. We will be baselining the requirements and scope for the project before the sprint begins. Also, the costing will be finalized before the sprint is kicked off. In case you want some additional features or functionalities in your app later, then that will be charged separately.
Is the input of the client considered while developing an AngularJS app?
Yes, we do consider clients’ inputs while developing AngularJS apps as long as the inputs are feasible and practical to be implemented. Once the requirements are approved by the client and all the concerned team, the document is baselined for the particular sprint. This baseline document is then shared with the team so that development can begin.
Can we update any feature or an idea in the AngularJS app in the middle of the work, will the project get affected?
Our apps are usually scalable, so in most cases, it is possible to add extra functionality to the app as per your idea. However, sometimes it also depends on the complexity of the features you ask for. Besides, if we update any feature in the middle of the project, then the project may get a bit delayed and additional charges could be applicable.
After completing the AngularJS mobile app development and once the project is live, do you provide support and maintenance?
Yes, we do provide free support and maintenance for 30 days after your product is live. Post 30 days, we charge a nominal fee as a part of the maintenance contract for providing these services.
Will I be allotted a dedicated AngularJS developer for my project?
Yes. After discussing the project requirement with you, we will assign dedicated AngularJS developers for your project. Besides, there will be a manager who will act as a point of contact who will share the progress status of the project with you at regular intervals.
Can I migrate my existing website to AngularJS?
Yes, you can migrate your existing website to AngularJS, but before taking this decision you need to evaluate all the options before taking this step. We need to consider staggered migration as the migration includes a major rewrite of your existing code. It is recommended that we migrate the current module in stages so that we can stagger the activity across a couple of months.
What are the top reasons to choose our Angular Development services?
We offer a variety of Angular Development services that will help you develop a robust and top-class application as below: Custom Angular Development: We provide custom Angular development services where we deliver lightweight, secure, high-speed, mobile-friendly, and rich apps that perform seamlessly and attract high traffic. API-driven Development: We have extensive expertise in providing high-performing and enterprise-centric Angular base API development services to clients as per their specific business requirements. Vibrant UI/UX Design and Development: Our Angular.js developers and designers have a high amount of expertise in providing soothing yet compelling UI/UX design and development services that make the apps visually attractive and highly intuitive. Real-time Applications: Our team of AngularJS developers has expertise in building applications for two-way data binding that allows updating data in real-time and thus, creating real-time apps. Migration: We also offer migration services. Our team of Angular.js developers can help you out in migrating existing applications from any particular platform to the recent version of the Angular framework. Angular App Maintenance: After the completion of your project, we provide support and maintenance services to keep your app updated. We thus help you stay competitive and at the top of the business market.
How did Biz4Solutions become the leading Angularjs development company in the USA & India?
The aspects to consider while selecting an Angularjs development company for your next project are: The company should have technological expertise and experience in all Angular versions. The firm should be employing the latest Angular tools like WebStorm, Angular IDE, etc. The developers should be well-versed in MVC, MVVM architectures, and data binding Possess the knowledge of creating a SPA with multi-server Developers should be experienced in both AngularJS versions as well as JavaScript for delivering the best possible outcomes.

We have delivered some phenomenal Angular apps to our clients like below:
Phlex 65: This is a HIPAA Compliant Healthcare app that allows senior citizens to connect with nearby caregivers whenever required.

Flizit: This is an on-demand app that enables consumers to avail themselves of luxury services at their fingertips.
How do you pick the best Angularjs Development Company?
The aspects to consider while selecting an Angularjs development company for your next project are:

  • The company should have technological expertise and experience in all Angular versions.
  • The firm should be employing the latest Angular tools like WebStorm, Angular IDE, etc.
  • The developers should be well-versed in MVC, MVVM architectures, and data binding Possess the knowledge of creating a SPA with multi-server Developers should be experienced in both AngularJS versions as well as JavaScript for delivering the best possible outcomes.