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A Healthcare company wanted to develop a mobile app for Android/ iOS and a Web app that will enable elderly individuals to connect with licensed caregivers in their area of residence in-a real-time digital environment.



How to find Caregivers and book them for various healthcare-related services instantly and make the payment online? How to offer a professional support network to caregivers? How to ensure that the patient’s information is secure and protected? How to face periodic HIPAA audits without proper documentation?



Biz4Solutions developed Phlex65 which provided a practical solution to the problem of caregiver burnout and delivered a ready-made support system to older adults and their caregivers. Phlex65 connects clients and caregivers in real-time for providing that much-needed support. It helped the elderly to find caregivers who are certified, licensed, fully screened, insured, and bonded. Phlex65 solution also facilitated the seniors to stay connected to the community, friends, and family.

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Phlex65 empowers primary caregivers and older adults to determine their sources of respite by enabling a direct real-time connection between individuals seeking care and certified caregivers of their area encompassed within a digital environment. The prime objective of the app is to improve the quality of care received while the in-house caregiver also gets benefitted. Phlex65 promises effective care to senior adults so that they can stay in their homes for a longer period. The app is available on iOS and Android and includes a single-pager responsive website and an exhaustive admin console.

Developmental Challenges

We came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Freeze slots for users who have pre-booked.
  • Make the app HIPAA compliant.
  • Correct implementation of the feature of “Handling Webhooks” during Stripe payment integration.
  • Compilation errors generated while updating the project from for example deployment target of 7.0 to 11.0.

Result: We overcame all Challenges and tailored a Perfect Solution!

To freeze slots for pre-bookings, we devised a mechanism in which a time slot once frozen for a specific user, will not be visible to other users.

We employed the ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) PIN functionality, an additional layer of authentication to ensure that only authorized individuals can access and view electronic health records or other protected health information. The ePHI PIN serves as a unique personal identification number that users must enter to validate their identity and gain access to the application or specific features within the application. It helps prevent unauthorized access and strengthens the security of confidential health data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations mandated by HIPAA.

For correctly implementing Webhooks, we created the necessary endpoints in our app to receive incoming Webhook notifications from Stripe, such that the endpoints were able to handle HTTP requests and parse incoming data from Stripe. We verified Webhook signatures to prevent spoofing and maintain data integrity. To address the compiler errors, we refactored the code to use newer equivalents wherever APIs were deprecated.

Solution Highlights

User ManagementSimple & user-friendly requiring minimal clicks.

Category Management Multi-user login (single app).

Order Management Provide real-time visibility of caregivers.

Product Management Caregiving options – hourly, weekly, part-time.

Real-time Inventory Tracking The facility for Recurring caregiver bookings.

Fill Tank feature HIPAA compliance to help protect PHI data.

OneSignal-based Push notifications Payments Splits, Holds & Refunds using Stripe.

Payment integration Allows for advance booking of caregivers.

Payment integration One-to-one messaging with pre-defined messages.

Payment integration Ability to extend the ongoing session.

Payment integration Management of Promo codes.

Payment integration Ratings and reviews management.


Phlex65 Benefits
  • Fully-screened and certified caregivers.
  • Bilingual staff are available quite often.
  • Real-time visibility and tracking of caregivers.
  • The real-time availability of caregivers is listed on the map.
  • Deep linking for enabling social sharing.
  • A fully secure payment system.
  • The facility of splitting/holding payment transactions.
  • Guaranteed system security with the use of SSL/HTTPS.
  • A feature-rich admin console.
  • A load-balanced system to ensure the high availability of caregivers.
  • Back-end auto-scaling based on traffic/usage.

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