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Emergency App Development

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Emergency App Development

In case of emergency or catastrophic events when the situation is panicking, rescue assistance is of utmost importance. Thanks to the emergency management mobile applications which can instantly guide the victims and help in relief operations. Whether a road accident or fire outbreak or any natural calamity, an emergency management app helps in getting immediate assistance in rescue operations. These apps connect the victims or patients with rescue specialists and safety personnel. These specialists guide the victims remotely or they reach the location to help the victims. Such apps have proved to be a great tool in saving thousands of lives across the globe.

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Our Enticing Emergency App Solutions

In recent years, emergency mobile app development services have gained significant importance. We, at Biz4Solutions, have expertise in developing such emergency response applications for specific requirements of diverse clients. We build efficient apps that can provide immediate help in critical situations, send reliable emergency alerts and helpful messages to the victims or staff members in such situations, and also connect with the ones trapped dangerously to rescue them. Our apps are robust and secure having features like geo-fencing support, location alert, map management, notification support with SMS facility, etc. These are highly responsive so as to provide quick response in critical situations.


An app that connects patients to medical professionals within minutes, when life-threatening emergencies occur! Other times, they can guide the patients to take the right medical actions.

Solution Highlights:

  • System Activation
  • Voice Activation
  • Geolocation
  • Triage Call- Audio & Video Calling
  • Payment Integration
  • Emergency Alerts
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An app that helps the emergency medical personnel in identifying, tracking and managing the patients during mass casualty events to save the lives of a large number of victims!

Solution Highlights:

  • Geolocation
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Role based Authentication
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Image Uploads
  • Push Notifications
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An app that guides the emergency personnel and occupants in a building to follow the right procedures and instructions and respond confidently in case an emergency strikes.

Solution Highlights:

  • Accessible in both online and offline modes.
  • Geolocation
  • Built-in SMS/voice mass notification broadcast system.
  • One-click to report floor status
  • Quick access to your fire evacuation map and building floor plans.
  • Emergency Alerts

The emergency management software offered by wps evac has been designed for reducing liabilities and saving lives during emergency situations. The app provides all-inclusive guidance to building residents on how they should deal with life-threatening scenarios. This includes information on saving lives, evacuation, and methods for addressing threatening circumstances. The app also provides an SOS button (Currently emergency call, Torch, emergency first aid and alarm options available) that can be used for seeking emergency help.

Solution Highlights:

  • Quick login and Auto-synching of any new building information.
  • App works in offline mode.
  • PRAs (persons requiring help) are pre-registered with the app.
  • The “Roll Call Feature” enables building occupants to constantly update their safety whereabouts to emergency response personnel.
  • Mass Broadcasting: Quickly broadcast an email or SMS to all registered personnel or groups.
  • Instant evacuation status report delivered direct to building management.