Java Application development

Being one of the most popular open-source programming languages, Java is widely used for creating mobile and web applications. This is an object-oriented language known for its fast performance, high security and reliability. Whether laptops, cell phones, Internet, data-centers or scientific supercomputers, Java is present everywhere. It is the favorite language of software developers across the globe for the exhaustive testing and consistent delivery that it offers. We, at Biz4Solutions, are delivering exceptional Java app development services. We aim to provide robust, scalable and easy to implement applications to small, medium-sized and large enterprises. As a Java application development company, we have a team of dedicated Java developers who are certified and have vast experience in Java. Our Java services are designed to take your business to the next level.

Our Expertise

Biz4Solutions provides top-notch Java application development services to deliver engaging apps. We have 8+ years of tech expertise in Java and have provided optimum solutions for complex business challenges to global companies. We have already developed 100+ world-class Java applications for diverse industrial domains ranging from transportation to healthcare industry, water to education industry, and many more. We are a Java application development company that can be your end-to-end technology partner for advanced web, mobile and custom software solutions and we can enhance your business efficiency. We follow rigorous work methodologies and transparent processes to ensure our clients are kept well-informed and are satisfied with our work.

Our Java Apps for Diverse Industry Verticals

App Development Process

We constantly strive to develop best-quality software applications and prefer Agile methodology for our product lifecycle.

Java App Portfolio

We have a vast experience in building feature-packed Java apps to help our clients in their software needs. Have a look at our work in Java app development projects.

Messaging and voicemail app



A new-age messaging and voicemail app develop using Java that has texting/chatting functionality, Facebook messenger integration, one-to-one/group messaging, call blocking, recall messages features.

Caregiver app


Phlex 65

A HIPAA compliant app developed using Java for native Android and backend. This app allows the senior citizens to determine their own sources of respite by connecting directly with nearby caregivers.

Native On-Deamnd app


Mentor Mentee

Mentor-Mentee App is a native On-Demand app built using Java for Android front-end and Backend. It is a multi-user login app where anyone can sign-up as Mentor and Mentee and can also switch the roles.