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Managing events can be a total mess if there is a small miscommunication during the event session. But thanks to mobile event apps which help in instant interactions, proper event planning, team and resource management, and much more. These apps contribute to providing a tech-savvy and ultimately delightful experience to the event planners, guests, and all the attendees.

As a well-established event mobile app development company, Biz4Solutions specializes in architecting world-class multi-event or conference apps that help in the successful planning and organizing of all kinds of events. We provide the event planners and marketers a powerful tool for managing everything right from staffing, seating plans, catering, other sub-events like dance, music, etc. and even getting sponsors on board. Our customized event management apps help the participants to communicate seamlessly, establish contacts with speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, planners, and other attendees, and thus, expand their network during the event.

Having over a decade of rich experience in Online Event Booking App Development, we provide best-in-class event app development services for building event apps for private as well as corporate events. Whether a small birthday party, a lavish wedding, a business seminar, a corporate dinner party or an award function, our team of event app developers has hands-on experience and the skillset required for designing relevant and scalable event management apps. So, develop a multi-functional event mobile app by partnering with us to boost your event management business.

Features that are Instrumental for a Successful Event App!

Managing Multiple Events

Managing Multiple Events

Social Integration


Live Surveys or Polling

Live Surveys or

Real-time Updates


Ticket Booking via App

Ticket Booking via

Event App Developers


Advanced Event Search Options

Advanced Event
Search Options

Event Calendar and Planner

Event Calendar
and Planner

GPS Integration


SMS Integration


Push Notifications


Media Sharing


Flexible In-app Payments

Flexible In-app



Analytics and Reports

Analytics and

Vendor Management


Guest Management


What are different ways for building event planning apps?

For developing a full-fledged event app, one can either hire an in-house development team or outsource the project by partnering with some offshore tech firm. Out of these options, outsourcing is the best way to execute an event planning app project because it saves costs and guarantees quality services.

How much does it cost to get an event booking app developed?

Without knowing the exact requirements, it is difficult to predict the exact cost of the event app. The cost depends on several factors like features you want in your event app, technologies used, experience and expertise of the development team, platforms to be used, etc. However, at a high level, an event app can cost anything above $7000, depending on the number of features to be incorporated, the complexity of the requirements, etc.

What platform should we target while developing an event app solution? iOS or Android or both?

This decision depends on several factors like the preferences of your target audience, your demography, your budget, etc. After brainstorming on these factors, you can decide which platform to target. If budget permits, it is good to target both platforms at once.

What are the essential features that my event app must have?

The basic must-have features of an event application include- event planning and scheduling, push notifications, text messaging, geo-location integration, social media sharing, analytics, lead generation, etc.

What are the security measures that your company follows for securing the app idea, sensitive data, and credentials?

Our team follows standard security practices during app development. Also, we sign a non-disclosure agreement before you share your app concept with us to ensure that we maintain the high confidentiality of the app concept and the code.

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