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DIVEIN profile Customer Profile

A start-up company needed a Social Event Management App that would help hosts to organize events effortlessly and help the app users to find out about nearby events easily.

DIVEIN issue problem Issue/Problem

People found it challenging to manage events smoothly using manual methods and rally their friends for a good cause. Individuals who were interested in attending events were not able to easily find out the cool events that are being conducted in nearby areas.

DIVEIN result Result

Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop a premium quality event app with a robust architecture. The app helps event hosts to handle data easily with a high level of precision so that they can manage events and social activities efficiently & effortlessly. This mobile app also offers an intuitive interface that helps attendees to locate events near them.


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Biz4Solutions tailored a versatile social event app with multiple roles that allow a user to host or participate in the events. The app offers a host of features that benefit event hosts as well as attendees. Event hosts can create an event, customize it as per their requirements, invite friends/guests to participate in the event, and manage the event without any hassles. Interested participants can find and join scheduled activities as per their preference.

Developmental Challenges Developmental Challenges

  • It was difficult to integrate the feature of auto-marking the attendance as soon as the attendee arrives at the event. For this, the app had to track the location of every attendee who had registered for the event.
  • The feature of generating reports displaying the number of event attendees and their feedback was crucial for the event organizer to collect & analyze the event’s responses.
  • Displaying nearby events along with their exact location using geo-location feature.
  • The group chatting functionality for enabling social networking interactions & discussions between attendees for engaging them better.

DIVEIN Result Result: How did we overcome all Challenges and built a perfect solution?

Our proficient and experienced development team overcame all challenges to build the desired solution. The app allows event hosts to gather crucial event insights through real-time metrics, event reports, and attendance data of participants. Events can also be managed and shared via social media platforms. By using our On Demand App Development services, client could improve overall productivity and effectiveness of the events held at different locations.

DIVEIN Solution Highlight Solution Highlight

  • Auto-marking of participants’ attendance.
  • Social Media API Integration: Facebook.
  • Geo-location/GPS integration.
  • Sharing of event photos within the app.
  • Real-time communication between hosts and participants.
  • A guest list displaying the number of attendees expected.
  • Analyze each participant’s response/feedback about an event.
  • Advanced Event Analytics in real time.

DIVEIN benefits Benefits

  • App users willing to join an event can effortlessly search for nearby events, quickly find relevant events based on their preferences, mark them as a favorite, and then send event joining requests to the host.
  • Event host can accept the requests from users and send invitations.
  • Event attendees can use the smart search feature for locating events near them quite easily using maps.
  • The app sends auto-reminders to attendees before events, so they don’t miss any events.
  • DiveIn automatically detects the event’s attendees’ presence with the help of GPS and marks their attendance.
  • The app accepts events attendees’ feedback & experiences for every specific event so that hosts can use this data for analyzing an event’s success and identifying the improvement areas.
  • Web admin console to manage the events

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