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Dependable Ionic App Development Company in USA and India

At Biz4Solutions, we’ve been offering Ionic app development services in USA since its introduction in 2013. Over the years, we have amassed extensive Ionic app development expertise and support, backed by dozens of success stories across various industries, delivering stunning robust and powerful apps for businesses around the world. Combining the versatility and power of Ionic mobile development with the expertise of a skilled team, we deliver dependable Ionic development services for all types of industries and requirements.

Cross-platform Ionic App Development in USA and India

Ionic is an open source cross platform app development framework used for creating highly interactive apps which give seamless performance across all the platforms. Cross-platform apps share same codebase for the most part in different platforms which saves the time, money and energy spent on development. This open source Ionic Framework contains very comprehensive library of UI components and front-end building blocks that makes it easy to design attractive, high-performance mobile and Web Apps using web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Compared to other technologies, Ionic app development offers a truly immersive and interactive appeal to the finished product.

If you are planning to launch a cross-platform application that serves billions of users around the world, our experienced Ionic mobile development experts can help create the perfect product for you.

We follow the latest of Ionic app development processes and methodologies to build simple, agile, interactive, and high performing mobile applications for start-ups, SMBs, and large corporations. Our Ionic development services are aimed at creating applications that are light affordable, and deliver them fast so your concept can be up and running in no time.

Stunning UI/UX Design for Fresh Ionic Mobile Development
Versatile Ionic Development Services

In today’s time, users access web-based apps from a variety of devices. Biz4Solutions enables you to make the most of this engagement by creating apps for all the different types of screens and devices in use at present. Our Ionic mobile development experts build apps that can be integrated with wearables like smart watches, AR VR devices, and other new-age technologies, along with smartphones tablets and other handheld screens.

This Ionic app integration provides smooth functioning and impeccable user experience to boost your concept. Our experience and expertise as one of the leading Ionic app development companies make Biz4Solutions Ionic app development services in USA a truly reliable choice.

Our Ionic Hybrid Apps Cater to Diverse Industry Verticals

Why Choose Biz4Solutions Ionic Mobile App Development Company?

Versatile Ionic app development services in USA

As a leading Ionic development company, we understand the need for versatile and cross platform applications. This is why Biz4Solutions offers hybrid Ionic app development to suit all your concept needs. Our team of Ionic app developers can build apps that cater to all your users, irrespective of where and how they access your app.

Professional solutions and intellectual property protection

Our developers come with years of experience and expertise in building apps that perform to their true potential. We provide quality Ionic development services and give you the total ownership over your app with source code and complete security.

Fast and affordable Ionic mobile development

As a top Ionic app development company, we believe a good app should complement the concept and not be a burden on your business. This is why our Ionic development services are aimed at delivering stunning apps fast, at competitive prices.

Scalability and post-deployment support

Here at Biz4Solutions, we offer comprehensive Ionic app development services in USA to help you grow your concept into a profitable venture. Our team offers complete post-deployment maintenance and support, with capabilities of scaling your app as your business grows.

Our Ionic Mobile App Development Process

In our decade long experience as a leading Ionic mobile app development company, we’ve developed a strategic process to deliver stunning apps every time.

Expert consultation and brainstorming

Our team of UI designers, Ionic App development experts, and user experience specialists sit with you to discuss your application requirements. Together we brainstorm and wireframe your idea to create a version of your app how you imagine it to be. This consultation serves as a blueprint that encompasses your expectations and our expertise in building apps that users enjoy.

UI / UX design

We use the data and wireframe to create ideal user profiles that can assist in designing the perfect product for your concept. Our knowledge as one of the leading Ionic app development companies enables us to achieve desired user interaction. A neatly designed app drives customer engagement and ensures a smooth and pleasant front-end user experience.

Agile development

Our expert Ionic developers then build on the UI design to create the app that will propel the profitability and appeal of your business. As a new gen Ionic development company, we use latest technology to bring your idea to life, and oversee the entire process from development to deployment.We adhere to all the platform guidelines & development practices, and ensure that your app gets an approval for App Store and Google Play listings.

Quality Assessment & Support

You need an all-round Ionic mobile app development company to ensure that your app runs effortlessly and flawlessly. We monitor the performance of your app, and test it for security, compatibility, bug fixes and so much more constantly. Our support team makes sure that your users enjoy a seamless experience while accessing the app.

Ionic Apps Portfolio

Biz4Solutions, an Ionic App development company has developed cross platform apps for industries like transportation, healthcare, water, education, sports, retails, finance, etc. All these cross platform app development services are developed by our experienced Ionic app developers having a rich experience in this field.



Beach Caddy

It is an on-demand app for beach-goers using which, they can instantly hire beach caddies, track them, do their payment, etc. and make a hassle-free vacation.



App Weigh

It is an IoT-based app which helps the transportation industry owners to constantly monitor & track the load on their trucks in real-time & get notifications.




This is an unique ‘Blind Dating’ app for users to find a perfect partner with a matching personality. A platform where inner beauty found from a straightforward personality.

Why should we hire Biz4 Solutions for Ionic app development services?

As one of the best Ionic app development companies, we have skilfully executed numerous web/mobile app development projects in the last 10 years. Our Ionic app developers know how to leverage the libraries of mobile compatible UI components, like code reusability, highly customizable themes, components, free plugins for integrations, gestures, and tools for building intuitive and interactive apps. They follow the most development methodologies to build robust and sustainable applications. Besides crafting brand-new Ionic apps, we also work on modernizing existing apps and upgrading them to the latest trends. We cater to the requirements of start-ups, small-scale, mid-sized as well as large companies.

Why should I choose the Ionic framework for mobile app development?

Here are the reasons to pick the Ionic framework for building mobile apps

  • It’s free and open-source, and so helps in reducing app developmental expenses.
  • Ionic helps in designing a high-end User Interface (UI).
  • The support by JavaScript and CSS provides a host of customization options for creating menus, buttons, color schemes, etc.
  • The Ionic framework has AngularJS as its base and so utilizes the benefits offered by the Angular platform as well.
  • The presence of Cordova plugins allows access to several OS features and improves the app’s performance.
  • The code is highly reusable across various platforms, thereby saving development time as well as efforts.
  • Testing becomes easier as multiple options are available – desktop browser/stimulator/Cordova commands.
How long will it take to develop an Ionic mobile app?

The time taken to develop an Ionic app solely depends on the level of complexity, the number of features to be integrated into the app, and the expertise and number of app developers hired for accomplishing the task. Here is a rough estimate:

  • An app with simple design and features – 2 to 3 months
  • An app with moderate-level UI/UX designs, features, animations, and screens – 3 to 6 months
  • A large-scale and complex app requiring advanced functionalities, several screens, complicated graphics, third-party integrations, etc. – 6 months and more
Is Ionic good for mobile app development?

Yes, Ionic is an ideal choice for crafting mobile apps. The Ionic ecosystem comes with numerous elements that simplify development and allow customization as per your needs. With Ionic, one can build native-looking mobile apps that adapt exceptionally well across various platforms. Its component library saves a considerable amount of time as well as resources needed during the development process. Hence, Ionic guarantees the creation of native-like apps for all platforms and speeds up the time-to-market.

Is the Ionic framework safe?

Ionic apps like most others are vulnerable to data breaches and security threats. However, the security measures given below will ensure the safety of your Ionic apps.

  • HTTPS should be preferred over HTTP for connecting to any server unless you are debugging
  • An SSL pinning connection is needed for connecting the app to a remote server
  • The usage of secure local storage methods.
  • Codes are automatically minified when built for release.
How to improve Ionic app performance?

Ionic app performance can be improved in the following ways:

  • Ahead-of-Time Compiling allows one to compile templates during the build time instead of the runtime
  • Smart media management
  • Handling of network requests efficiently
  • Clearing out unused variables, arrays, and objectsCodes are automatically minified when built for release.
How much does it cost to create an Ionic app?

The approximate cost of developing an app using Ionic is somewhere around $8000 to $50000. However, the expenses depend upon certain crucial factors as below:

  • Platforms targeted– Android, iOS, or both
  • App design/animation – Standard UI or Custom approach
  • Maintenance post-launch – bug-fixing, app updation, design alteration, and so on
  • Scoping/analysis – Third-party integration, admin panel creation, usage of device hardware, in-app purchase, and so on.

Get in touch with us to get a cost estimate based on your app development requirements.

How did Biz4Solutions become the top Ionic mobile app development company in the USA & India?

Biz4Solutions, an Ionic App Development Company in the USA and India, architects premium-quality web/mobile Ionic applications. Our architects and tech leaders possess the right combination of technological expertise, business understanding, and managerial skills for resolving complex business challenges faced by clients. This unique blend has fetched us myriad recognitions from popular online portals/marketplaces like,,, and Today, we are counted as one of the top Ionic app development firms in the U.S.A. and India.

Our team has crafted a host of feature-rich cross-platform Ionic apps that deliver seamless performance across all platforms. Some of our prominent Ionic apps are:

  • Beach Caddy: An on-demand app that enables beach visitors to effortlessly hire caddies and track them.
  • App Weigh: An IoT-powered app that is used by transportation fleet owners for real-time tracking and monitoring the load on their trucks.
  • Clicked: This blind-dating app assists singles to find their ideal match.

Get in touch with us to get a cost estimate based on your app development requirements.