Customer Profile:

A US-based company needed a modernistic Messenger App that offers high-quality social voicemail and call-blocking services.


Modern-day users are not happy with the services provided by most free messenger applications as they offer limited features, encounter security issues, and the quality is often compromised. Any message once sent cannot be removed from the recipient’s screen even if forwarded by mistake and the quality of voicemail reception is mostly below average. New-age users want a cool messaging app that performs well and ensures secure messaging.


Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop an unparalleled messaging app, YouVOXX for Android smartphone users who wished to have a refined voicemail experience. The key mission of this app was to transform the way people communicate. The messaging app has been specially tailored to surpass the limitations of the typical benchmarked messaging apps existing in the market and encourage voicemail communications through the app.

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YouVOXX – A breakthrough voicemail & a new-age messaging app. The name YouVOXX is derived from the word ‘vox’ which means voice in Latin and ‘x’ was added to impart an extra cool effect to the name. The app comes with an advanced voice-centric messaging feature that encourages users to send audio/voice messaging content rather than relying on traditional text-based chats. Besides voicemail, the users can also communicate via a chat messenger. YouVOXX is replete with revolutionary features like message melts & recalls, military-grade security, Facebook Messenger (FBM) integration, social voicemail with voice attachments & transcripts, and many more.

Developmental Challenges

Our development team had integrated several high-end and unique features to make the app successful and competitive, and their implementation involved a great deal of complexity. Here are the major technical challenges that we faced:

  • Creating various types of customized voicemail greetings that can be set independently for users or for a group of people.
  • Intimating the caller to send a voicemail in case the user is unavailable to take the call.
  • Notifying users whenever they had missed a call and a voicemail was left for them.
  • Creating Ephemeral messages so that the users can activate the feature of disappearing messages for greater privacy – messages can be set to disappear a few seconds/minutes after they have been seen or heard by the recipient.
  • Verifying the genuineness of every user who is signing up.
  • Providing users with the facility of auto-forwarding their voicemails to their FBM account or any friend’s account as chosen/set by the users.
  • Providing users, the ability to block spam calls and voicemails that may take control of their phone.
  • Real-time testing using Swagger API’s for voicemails.

Result: How did we overcome all Challenges and built a viable solution?

Our experienced team of tech nerds resolved all challenges and came up with a highly usable solution. We customized the audio recorder for users’ convenience. A third-party chat platform – layer was integrated to accomplish the task of real-time messaging initially. Then we migrated from Layer to Firebase subsequently. Partnership with the 3rd party Telecom partner, SAMCOM enabled the app to notify the caller to send a voicemail when the user was unavailable, 3rd party SMS integration using “Twillio” helped to verify the genuineness of each user signing up, and ‘FBM Integration’ helped in auto-forwarding emails to users’ FBM account. Whenever a user is not available to receive a phone call, the caller can leave a voicemail using YouVOXX and the user will be notified for every voicemail received. The user can listen to/view the voicemail audio & transcription in their chat threads.

Automatic voicemail activation process: the device details are captured automatically and if the device and SIM/service provider are compatible, the voicemail activation codes will be dialed automatically.

Manual voicemail activation process: the user needs to dial the activation code(s) manually.

Solution Highlights

  • Recall of messages and flagging the messages for tracking purpose.
  • Blocks calls and voicemails from fake numbers, RoboCallers, etc.
  • Call Blocking and Call Forwarding.
  • Bluetooth integration to connect wireless headsets.
  • Support for both automated and manual voicemail activations.
  • Users can retain their messages permanently by purchasing MAXXCache.
  • Users can reply to non-YouVOXX users through other apps installed on their phones.
  • Users can avail auto-reload & auto-renew features when running low on voicemail credits.


  • Facility to choose a customized avatar while setting up the profile.
  • Contact list categories like Friends, Favorites, Pending Invite, Ready to Invite, etc.
  • One-on-One chats or group chats.
  • Sharing of images, shooting and sharing videos.
  • Users are notified about missed phone calls & important messages left for them via voicemails.
  • A user can actually ‘read’ his/her voicemails using the voicemail transcription feature.
  • Users can send customized voicemail greetings using the audio recorder.
  • Users can invite friends via social media such as Facebook, SMS, emails, etc.

Value Additions

  • Users can set blocking levels and options for people in their contacts based on the type of call (International, Toll-free, Anonymous callers, etc.)
  • Users can either save or link their voice mail messages in FB Messenger.
  • Users can send messages within a specified time frame & recall messages whenever necessary.
  • Pre-packaged products are available, each with a customized voicemail feature.
  • Privacy, data usage (Wifi/mobile data) and message settings are easily manageable.

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