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A US-based client needed a modern-era dating app solution that would suggest perfect matches to users and enable users to video call their matches.

Problem Statement

The dating app market today is an overtly crowded space. But most of the dating apps out there fail to provide users with a personalized dating experience. Users cannot interact with each other in the desired way due to the lack of advanced communication channels. Also, users come across issues like fake profiles and incorrect information posted by others. And online dating via audio calls and texts can, in no way, validate the authenticity of the other person or enable effective interaction.

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Biz4Solutions helped the client develop a next-gen dating app named Juno Dating! Less swipes, better matches.. that’s what it is all about. It’s a one-stop solution that caters to most of the online dating woes. The app offers a feature of video calling to facilitate communication & provide a personalized online dating experience to users. Juno Dating also comes with several other features that ensure user privacy, data security, and the accuracy of match-making.


Biz4Solutions tailored a feature-rich & future-ready online dating app, Juno Dating. App users can create their profiles after answering a questionnaire. Users need to define their specific preferences. Based on these answers and user preferences, Juno Dating suggests relevant matches to the user. Advanced match-making algorithms are used for this purpose and a personality code gets generated. The app calculates and displays which personality codes are compatible & what is the percentage of compatibility. A user can like a suggestion by swiping right or dislike with a left swipe. If both the users have right-swiped each other, they are notified and a match is formed. Users can interact with their matches through in-app chatting or video calling. The premium version of the app offers some additional advantages like undoing left swipes, and more.

Juno Dating overview

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Creating a search algorithm resulting in a personality match percentage.
  • Optimize timing to bring out the results at the right time, and with accuracy.
  • Making the entire flow Dynamic.
  • Multi-theme support.
  • Implementing a multi-language support feature.

How we solved the issue of next-gen dating app experience?

The team conquered all these challenges and developed an optimal solution. For implementing the feature of home screen search, the team used a unique “match percentage” algorithm. As a result, all profiles are displayed based on the matching criteria. The app uses a caching mechanism to optimise speed and user experience. Most of the labels and content used in the app is dynamic and can be easily controlled and updated by uploading modified JSON files from a web-based Admin Panel. Multi-lingual support in the app also uses the same design principle.

Juno Dating operation security

Additional Value

  • User privacy settings: Ability to set preferences & block/unblock/report other users.
  • Users’ answers to the questionnaire are processed by algorithms to figure out their personality traits.
  • Private mode: A user’s profile is visible to only those users whose profiles he/she has liked.
  • Push Notifications: Provide important match-making updates to users.
  • Subscription Management: View plan details, in-app payment & transaction history.
  • Subscription Feature: Access to more filtered search based on physical features habit, interest, dating, interest, etc.
  • Support for multiple left-to-right languages.
  • Snooze mode: For users who wish to take a short break from online dating.
  • Communication Channels: One-to-one text messaging & video calls, e-mail interactions, sharing media files with other users.
  • The admin can add any left-to-right language by just adding a resource without the need for any app update.
  • Social media integration enables linking with users’ social media profiles.
  • The admin can view the list of reported users & block any user if necessary.

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