On-demand UBER like app for android, iOS and Web.


Beachcaddy profile Customer Profile

A Texas based Transportation Company wanted to develop a mobile app for Android/ iOS and Web app to provide caddy services to the beachgoers.

Beachcaddy issue problem Issue/Problem

People eagerly wait for the summer months to hit the shore, but dread the hassle-prone tasks of schlepping all their beach belongings, kids’ stuff, etc. from their rental digs/homes to the beach and back. This is followed by the tedious task of setting up chairs, umbrellas, tents, and toys after reaching the beach.

Beachcaddy result Result

Biz4Solutions tailored An Uber-like on-demand app named Beach Caddy that allowed beach-goers to hire caddies instantly, take care of the hassles for transporting beach stuff, and obtain assistance with setting them up at the beach.


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The Beach Caddy App is an On-demand app like Uber. Its functioning involves three different roles: Administrator, Caddy, and the User. This mobile app enables a user to find Caddies who will carry their stuff from their residence/rental/vehicle to the beach and back. Users need to request assistance from the beach caddies registered with the app, for carrying beach-specific items like chairs, umbrellas, etc., and book a trip for the same. With Beach Caddy app, booking a trip is effortless whether you are visiting the beach or having a leisurely stroll back home after spending a relaxing day under the sun.

Developmental Challenges Developmental Challenges

  • Cross-platform-device compatibility: One of the key challenges of the Beach Caddy was to make it compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms such as Apple iOS and Android as well as mobile websites.
  • Tracking Caddies: Real-time tracking of the exact location of Caddies.

The Beach Caddy app enables users to:

  • Track real-time location of Caddies.
  • Instantly communicate with them.
  • Make secure payments for booked trips and add a tip for the hired Caddy (optional) after completion of the trip using a Stripe account or Credit cards.
  • Share their Beach Caddy experience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Beachcaddy Result Result

How did we overcome all Challenges and built a perfect solution?

  • Geo-location to spot/track the real-time location of the nearest caddy.
  • Push Notification: to make the app successful and competitive, we needed to notify caddies and administrators when visitors had booked a new trip or canceled it.
  • Single login: does not allow concurrent login by the same user from different devices.
  • SMS integration “Twilio”: to enable instant communication between Caddies and visitors.
  • Social Media Integration with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: to share Beach Caddy’s experience with others.
  • Survey Monkey integration: to publish online surveys in minutes, and display/view results graphically and in real-time.

Beachcaddy Solution Highlight Solution Highlight

  • Geo-location integration.
  • Payment Gateway Integration using Stripe.
  • Social Media API Integration: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Multi User Login.
  • Push Notications using Firebase.
  • Camera Integration.
  • SMS using Twilio.
  • WebSockets.
  • Mobile Analytics.

Beachcaddy benefits Benefits

  • Locate the available caddies on the map for booking a trip to your favorite beach spot.
  • Schedule your trip using the Beach Caddy app.
  • Track the real-time location of the caddy at any given time.
  • Instantly communicate with your caddy.
  • The app is available in both the Apple store and Google play store.
  • Customers can also access the services by using Beach Caddy’s mobile website.

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