A US-based client wanted a medical learning planning and organizing app that will assist medical students with their course and will also prove beneficial for the medical aspirants.

Problem Statement

Medical students find it difficult to get online assistance when they need to understand difficult terms and methodologies. Medical aspirants too struggle to devise the right kind of strategy and lack motivation while preparing for their medical entrance exams.

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Biz4Solutions helped the client develop a medical learning assistance solution, MotivateMD. The app (both web and mobile) helps medical students with their course studies. MotivateMD also assists medical aspirants to plan, organise, and stay motivated & focussed while preparing for entrance exams.


The MotivateMD solution comprises a ReactJS web app and React Native mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. It is specially designed for medical students and aspirants. This app offers innovative products and services that maximize productivity and motivation for studying in the field of medicine. MotivateMD also offers medical aspirants the right guidance, resources and support to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor.

MotivateMD overview

Developmental Challenges

  • Keeping the app running in the background for the Focus Timer feature to work.
  • Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the Goal Tracking Feature.

Outcome: How did we resolve Bottlenecks to develop a perfect solution?

Our skilled developers overcame bottlenecks and devised an outstanding solution, MotivateMD that helps students in being competitive applicants. In order to keep the app running in the background, we are running a muted audio clip to keep the app alive. We ensured that thorough code review was done for the code to enhance the accuracy and consistency of the goal tracking feature.

MotivateMD operation security

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