Customer Profile:

A client needed a solution that will help business enterprises collaborate remotely with stakeholders and customers in real-time.


Today, business workflows have become complex with demanding requirements. Entrepreneurs need to collaborate with multiple stakeholders like third-party vendors, business partners, customers, etc. Enterprise collaboration encounters problems like handling unstructured data & untraceable information, retrieving information at the right time, and sharing of crucial data between stakeholders.


Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop a cloud-based platform that facilitates collaboration between several enterprises. Businesses who register to this platform can create, organize, and save, information at one single place. This information can be shared with collaborators in real-time. Authorized stakeholders can view, share, and edit the files & documents. Modifications made to any data is instantly synced to Cloud and the change gets updated in real-time so that all stakeholders stay informed.

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This is a secure digital collaboration platform that enables users to collaborate with customers, vendors, and partners. Users can send collaboration invites to vendors and customers. The solution comprises of CRM, Helpdesk, Projects, and Order management modules. It is a digital workplace that helps users to gain clarity on projects, cost sheets, deliverables, and tasks. The solution simplifies functions like invoice generation for projects & orders, payment tracking, product catalog maintenance, inventory/stock management, the maintenance of Warranty & AMC contracts, etc.

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Effective implementation of the Push notification feature.
  • Providing real-time visibility of any data modification to users.
  • Allowing background geolocation tracking of the user based on event handling in the app flow as well as when the app is kept in background mode.


We used Firebase so that the notifications can be created on FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). Here, no server coding is required. So, the notifications sent through the Firebase console can be delivered quickly and easily to users. Firebase’s database allows real-time synching of data between all users and any change made is reflected at once. We adopted a cache approach for resolving the background geolocation tracking issue. When the event arrived, we extracted the geolocation information and maintained a global cache to notify other servers. This way, the downstream could further process information as required. We periodically updated the cache & flushed the cache with time-stamped information.

Digital Collaboration challenges

Solution Highlights

  • CRM: Opportunities, Leads, Customers & Contacts management.
  • Sales team target & tracking.
  • Sales Orders, Approvals, Delivery Challans, & Stock updates.
  • Setting up a Support Desk for Customers.
  • Geo-location tracking of location-wise tickets.
  • Linking to maintenance contracts.
  • Payment Calendars.
  • Vendor Payment Approvals.
  • Push Notifications sent to customers and partners (using Firebase).


  • Available for Android and Web users.
  • Context-based search.
  • Quicker access to large documents and files.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Users can set custom permissions levels regarding data access to maintain privacy.
  • Improved planning; faster and more effective decision-making.
  • Simplifies enterprise collaboration.
  • Rules out chances of delays or misinformation.
Digital Collaboration benefits

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