A US-based client needed a solution that will help users to manage smart lock systems remotely through the mobile app.

Problem Statement

Today, smart lock systems are employed by several businesses to leverage the convenience of remote access and ensure security at the same time. The basic objective is to be able to manage business operations securely from any location. However, the involvement of multiple users, devices, and systems complicates things. And, remote management becomes hassle-prone due to the lack of any solution that connects the smart lock system with portals and users’ devices.

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Biz4solutions helped the client to develop a next-gen security app solution named DigiLock Control! This solution connects apps, portals, and smart lock systems such that authorized users can remotely control and monitor the system using their smartphone or computer. Users can also install new devices remotely.


Biz4Solutions tailored a future-friendly security app solution, DigiLock Control. This solution comprises hybrid apps and service portals that facilitate communication between client’s patented locks and storage boxes. These are smart electronic locks that can be accessed/unlocked using wifi, Bluetooth, keypad, fingerprint scanner, etc. The app uses Bluetooth technology and the server uses wifi to enable remote communication between devices. The app is used for onboarding new devices & configuring them in the local vicinity. The portal is used for granting access to users, managing devices & users, and reporting purposes.

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Developmental Challenges

Our team came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Optimizing BLE communication
  • Encrypting Bluetooth communication using AES encryption.
  • Updating all the communication to use Protobuffers instead of JSON.

How We Solved the Issue of Business Operations Security

We resolved all challenges to develop the desired solution. We optimized BLE communication by reducing the number of Bluetooth data packet iterations between the device and the app, and also by eliminating redundant data requests. We encrypted Bluetooth communication by creating a protobuffer message base and encrypted it with AES encryption with a pre-generated AES public key and CipherMode CBC. We updated the communication modules to use protobuffers instead of transferring the data through the JSON format; so that the data transfer between device and app becomes faster and lesser.

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