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Our client wanted an on-demand fuel delivery app that will offer consumers the convenience of online fuel ordering and doorstep delivery.



Today, consumers can utilize on-demand delivery apps to order food, essentials, cab rides, etc. But there are not many options for on-demand fuel delivery. People have to visit the gas/petrol station in person for fuel refills and often have to wait in long queues for getting their tanks filled. And, what if consumers accidentally run out of fuel/gas while traveling and that too, at a remote place? They’re stuck and have to undergo numerous hassles for obtaining fuel for their vehicle.



Biz4Solutions helped the client to build an on-demand fuel/gas delivery app that offers users the convenience of ordering fuel online and getting the fuel/gas delivered to their desired location. This way, consumers can save time & effort and handle fuel-related emergencies in a hassle-free manner.

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This FuelDelivery app is an on-demand e-Commerce app that provides the service of delivering fuel directly to the consumers’ vehicle, residence, or factory; at the location mentioned by the customer. The app has three modules – Admin, Seller, & Buyer. Sellers send a registration request along with their necessary details. The admin can accept or cancel the request. Once, the request gets approved, sellers create their profiles. Buyers registered with the app select the type of fuel from the various categories available. Consumers have to specify whether they would like to order a fuel can or a fuel tanker depending on their requirements. Thereafter, they place the order by mentioning the number of cans, cylinders, or tankers they need. Buyers need to also specify the zip code along with the address of the spot where the product/s will be delivered. Then, consumers proceed to make the payment. Once the payment is successful, the order is delivered to the consumer’s current location.

Developmental Challenges

  • Stripe integration.
  • Fill tank feature: Auto generation of the exact amount to the nearest decimal value.

How did we resolve Bottlenecks to develop a perfect solution?

Our innovative developers overcame all challenges to achieve the desired outcome in FuelMart. We utilized Stripe elements so that the credit data is efficiently handled while complying with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security standards. We employed the Stripe API library and Webhooks so that the app can respond to payment failures by automatically restricting access to the app. Our developers created variables, events, & functions; adhered to the documentation; & ensured proper implementation. Coming to the fill-tank feature, developers have used innovative coding techniques and pure JavaScript to get the logical part of the coding correct. This way, they ensured the accuracy of the calculations.

Solution Highlights

User Management User Management

Seller profiles with necessary details like name, the price offered, etc. & buyer registration with the required details.

Category Management Category Management

Products segregated into different categories like CNG, LPG, petrol, diesel, heating oil, & kerosene, etc.

Order Management Order Management

Order details like items’ names, quantities ordered, total cost, order number, name of the person who has placed the order, payment status, etc.

Product Management Product Management

Details like products’ names, quantities, original prices, selling prices, etc.

Real-time Inventory Tracking Real-time Inventory Tracking

If the order quantity exceeds the number of products available in the inventory, an error is shown.

Fill Tank feature Fill Tank feature

Calculates the quantity/weight per unit & the price per unit.

OneSignal-based Push notifications OneSignal-based Push notifications

Buyers are notified about their order status – canceled/pending/in-transit/delivered

Payment integration Payment integration

Buyers make in-app payments using Stripe the amount gets credited to the seller’s account only after the product/s are delivered.


Fuelmart Benefits
  • A mobile app, as well as a Web Console is available.
  • Products can be sorted by the zip code.
  • Once customers register with all the necessary details, they receive a code for logging in to the app.
  • Buyers get to choose from two options: either purchase by quantity or purchase by the amount.
  • Users do not necessarily need to buy the whole can, they can buy a random amount counted in gallons.
  • The delivery personnel visits the buyers’ location and fills in the required quantity of fuel.
  • After buyers make the payment, the amount is not immediately transferred to the sellers’ account; the seller receives the payment after the products are delivered.
  • Super admin can block/unblock the buyers or sellers.

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