A US-based firm needed a transportation app for vehicle speed monitoring that will send real-time alerts to users, whenever the vehicle speed exceeded the standard limits in a given location.

Problem Statement

Vehicle drivers, specifically young drivers and drivers working for transportation companies, are likely to drive faster on the go & tend to exceed the normal speed limits unknowingly. Such instances can lead to dangerous outcomes like fatal accidents or hefty fines for rash driving.

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Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop a top-class vehicle speed monitoring application called Rekon. This app will track the vehicle’s speed during driving and send alerts to the user whenever the vehicle speed exceeds the pre-set speed limits.


Biz4Solutions tailored an innovative IoT-powered app for monitoring vehicle speed. The app is connected to an IoT device with an LCD display that is embedded inside the car. This device tracks the speed of the vehicle and displays it. It also tracks the vehicle’s location and displays the speed limit range for that location (different roads have different pre-defined speed limits). The app then compares the current vehicle speed to the pre-determined speed limit for that road on which the user is traveling and warns the users immediately in case of violations.

Rekon overview

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across some developmental challenges as mentioned below:

  • It was challenging to connect a BLE device to the app for IoT pairing.
  • Determining the road’s speed limit at a certain junction or crossing was a major challenge. The reason: multiple roads with different speed limits were intersecting at the same junction and it was difficult to locate the exact road on which the vehicle has been traveling after reaching a junction.
  • It was difficult to continuously stabilize the connection within the BLE device.


Our proficient and experienced development team overcame all challenges to build the desired solution. The BLE device was successfully integrated and paired with the app. The app was made to communicate with the Google Road API to retrieve the user’s current location for identifying the pre-defined speed limit of that road.

Hence, the IoT device placed inside the car constantly calculates and updates the speed limit based on the user’s current location. Users are notified with a beep whenever they exceed the speed limit.

Rekon operation security

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