Why Travel Alone?


TravelBuds profile Customer Profile

An Australian-based company needed a social networking travel app that will enable travellers to find fellow travellers across the globe that are travelling to the same destination.

TravelBuds issue problem Issue/Problem

Solo travellers find it boring to travel alone but are left with no other option. Likewise, couples or families often look for more travel buddies with similar travel plans, to make their travel experience merrier and fun-filled. But, finding such co-travellers having similar itinerary was extremely difficult.

TravelBuds result Result

Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop a versatile travel app that elevates the travel experience to the next level. TravelBuds allows users to identify and promptly connect with other fellow travellers that are on the same route, travelling to same destination and from nearby locations. Users can also effortlessly discover other solo travel buddies, groups, or couples who are around, after reaching their destination and instantly connect with them through the app.


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TravelBuds overview


Travelbuds was founded in Perth, Australia, in the spring of 2005. Travelbuds vision is to leave the old ways of travelling behind and welcome a new way of exploring and connecting people around the world. Travelbuds app is committed to take your travels to the next level by helping you to find buddies with similar travel plans & buddies from your nearby location thus offering everyone the chance to have a richer, more colorful, fun & memorable social experience while travelling.

Developmental Challenges Developmental Challenges

Our team came across some developmental challenges as mentioned below:

  • Creating advanced search algorithms that will enable users to effectively locate nearby travellers or other users with similar travel plans.
  • Making the algorithms function accurately without compromising on the app’s overall speed and performance.
  • Creating an instant messaging experience through a web socket.
  • Activating the Facebook integration feature.

TravelBuds Result Result

Our proficient and experienced development team overcame all challenges to build the desired solution. TravelBuds employs a complex search algorithm to locate travel buddies and uses web socket technology to enable real-time communication between travel partners. Facebook integration allows users to check out the profiles of would-be fellow travellers, view their pictures & mutual friends, and understand their common interests. This helps users decide whether they’ll accept or reject the match found by the app.

TravelBuds Solution Highlight Solution Highlight

  • App available for both iOS and Android.
  • Discovery setting to find people based on distance, age, gender, etc.
  • Complex search algorithm to find exact match.
  • Facility to add and share travel itinerary.
  • Setting up meetings with the fellow traveller.
  • Facebook Integration.
  • Instant messaging through web socket.
  • Facebook graph API/Google places API integration.
  • Push Notifications.

TravelBuds benefits Benefits

  • Users can find out travel buddies as per their specific preferences.
  • Users can accept or reject matches.
  • Users can also set their preferences based on the mode of transport used like air travel, travel by road, train trips, etc. to identify more relevant matches.
  • Once the perfect match is found, users are notified via push notifications.
  • Real-time communication with the travel buddies.
  • The travel experience of users becomes more enriching, interesting, enjoyable, and memorable’ once they find the desired travel buddy.

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