Customer Profile:

Our client wanted a tele-dentistry app that will help patients effortlessly connect with their own dentist and avail of a secure online dental consultation using mobile devices.


For everyday dental issues like a baby’s teething woes or follow-up care, patients need not spare time to visit the dentist. Besides, in-person visits take longer to address dental issues as compared to online consultations. Certain patients, particularly kids, suffer from a phobia to visit the dentist’s clinic. In such cases, a virtual visit can help patients become comfortable with dental consultations. Also, patients with less mobility like the elderly prefer the convenience of virtual visits unless an in-person visit is absolutely necessary. However, tele-dental apps are not so common. And, most of the existing ones fail to offer a satisfying UX.


Biz4Solutions helped the client to build a HIPAA-compliant based tele-dentistry platform, GoodCheckup. The app offers users the convenience to arrange a face-to-face online consultation session with an experienced dentist. Patients can also send medical documents and pictures as per the requirement. The dentist examines the issue and provides feedback instantly. This feedback can be a diagnosis report, an e-Prescription, advice, or guidance.

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Dentist Module:

Our HIPAA-compliant based tele-dentistry app, GoodCheckup has consolidated a pool of dentists who wish to offer virtual dental consultations. Dentists who have registered with the app can set their desired consultation fee and “Office Hours” through which they are available. They can also set break times in between appointments. Dentists can accept or cancel appointments. The app provides a “virtual dentist office waiting room.” Here, dentists can view their appointment schedule & the list of patients who are waiting for consultation.

Patient Module:

Patients register with the app & sign themselves up. Patients can add their family members as well. Then patients use the search feature to find their desired dentist and schedule an appointment with a dentist as per their availability. The patients check in to the virtual clinic waiting room for availing of dentist consultation.

Developmental Challenges

  • Using advanced communication channels to provide virtual dentist consultation.
  • Minimizing the limitations of virtual consultation, particularly, the quality of care.
  • Ensuring that patients are able to avail of virtual consultation from the dentists of their choice.

Result: How did we resolve Bottlenecks to develop a perfect solution?

We eliminated all challenges & devised the perfect solution that would benefit users. Users get virtual consultations through video calls. The in-app camera feature allows patients to click pictures of their dental condition and upload them for the dentist’s review. This optimizes care quality. What happens if a user’s preferred dentist is not using GoodCheckup? Well, the user gets the option to send an “app download invite” to the dentist. Once downloaded, users can connect with the dentist over the app.

GoodCheckup challenges

Solution Highlights

  • Dentists get verified while getting registered on the platform based on parameters like NPI number, license number, address, state of residence, pin code, etc.
  • In-app chat feature including video chatting with the desired dentist.
  • Calendar integration for setting the plan for appointments and breaks.
  • A Virtual Waiting room displaying the queuing patients along with their appointment time.
  • Complete forms available on the app.
  • Sharing of medical records & documents and pictures of the dental issue.
  • Compatible with users suffering from hearing impairment.
  • The facility to add e-Prescription.
  • Payment integration using stripe.


  • The app is available to Android as well as iOS users.
  • Simple face-to-face interface for talking to a dentist directly.
  • Connect at the time of appointment from any location.
  • Say goodbye to long waits outside the dentist’s clinic.
  • Speedy assistance with dental issues at affordable rates.
  • An excellent option for receiving a second opinion about the proposed treatment plans or procedures.
  • Easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant, & secure payment module.
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