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Dunhill International needed a tool to help sales agents do what they like which is selling the company’s products and increase their overall earnings. The company desired an app that will help agents to collect valuable demographics on consumers’ sentiments regarding different products, effortlessly and speedily during promotional events.



Sales representatives at an event venue get an opportunity to interact with consumers for a very short time. Hence, customer interactions can be brief and can take place in quick successions at times. Sales agents need to optimize this time spent talking to the prospects and record their interactions immediately. But, the desired outcome cannot be achieved with traditional methodologies like paperwork. Moreover, several hours are wasted in preparing expense reports and providing metrics to supervisors. These hours could be utilized to interact with new prospects.



Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop a handy app for Salespersons who “work the crowd” at certain venues like tradeshows, expositions, seminars, and other venues. Dunhill allows sales agents to quickly record interactions with attendees at an event. The app also takes care of reporting and other tedious and mundane tasks that are necessary, but time-consuming. This way, salespeople can focus more of their time on face-to-face activities with customers.

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Biz4Solutions tailored an innovative app that facilitates the sales representatives to sell products at event venues and also captures customers’ information like comments, photos, their profile details, etc instantly. The solution includes a backend dashboard to be used by the agents and their admins. Using this dashboard, the administrators can manage app’s content and check the information gathered by the app during promotions, taking place at different venues. Administrator can also access promotion-related statistics thereby giving more insight into the sales revenue. The app pushes updates to the server every 5 minutes.

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across some developmental challenges as mentioned below:

  • The app should offer the necessary information that will help the agent in convincing potential buyers.
  • When a person decides to walk away without buying, the device should store the necessary information and feedback.
  • When a consumer decides to purchase, the app must enable an effortless, instant, and speedy checkout/payment process.
  • Mobile service may be unreliable. So, the agent’s mobile device should be synced with the backend database at frequent intervals.

How did we resolve Bottlenecks to develop a perfect solution?

Our proficient and experienced development team overcame all challenges to design, develop, and deploy the desired solution. Using the app, sales persons can pull up information about a similar product Dunhill offers, and attempt to persuade the customer to buy/try the Dunhill version.

If the customer doesn’t buy the product, the counter increases by 1, and the device stores any other information/feedback collected or a picture clicked. And if the consumer is interested in buying the product, the agent taps the desired product and a pop-up box appears. This box will allow the agent to select 1-10 boxes. The price gets displayed and the consumer can then pay for the purchase.

Coming to syncing, the agent’s mobile device will attempt to sync up every 5 minutes with the backend database. However, if the connection is unavailable at a certain time, the mobile device stores the data until the connectivity is back.

Solution Highlights

Easy Data Upload Easy Data Upload

Sales Agents can easily upload prospect information.

Access Crucial Information Access Crucial Information

Administrators can access crucial information like Sales Agent Details, Date, Shift Duration, Venue, Sales, Total Cash Amount, etc.

View Ongoing Activities View Ongoing Activities

Administrators can also view ongoing activities at the venue like the Engagements, Conversations and the comments received from the public.

Real-time Inventory Tracking Real-time Inventory Tracking

Sales agents can view information such as the amount of money they should have at any time, the number of boxes they have sold, etc.

Support for Offline Mode Support for Offline Mode

App works in offline mode and syncs data to the server when online.


TrulyPlayced Benefits
  • Easy-to-use and navigate.
  • With the help of a single click, the salespeople can record interactions while the consumer is talking with them, or within a few seconds after the consumer walks away.
  • The Sales Agents are happier because they can spend more time selling, thereby increasing commissions and bonuses.
  • Salespersons get the tools to eliminate the tedious tasks that are essential to carry out.
  • Increased sales as salesman is able to focus on selling completely.

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