A client from one of the top-most banks in India wanted to automate their banking operations, improve their customer experience of their existing mobile banking solution while also strengthening transaction security.

Problem Statement

The traditional banking setup involved downsides like consumer accessibility issues, user experience issues and slower transaction speeds. Also, conventional banking processes were vulnerable to security woes like unauthorized access, the risk of document misplacement, etc.


Biz4solutions helped the top banking client to develop a host of new-age functionalities for users and elevated banking experiences to the next level. Customers could avail of banking services & operate money transfers remotely via smartphones with just a few clicks. App users benefitted from speedy transactions, convenient access, and error-free banking operations. Also, the solution implements robust security protocols.

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Biz4Solutions worked on revamping the existing banking app. App was designed with an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use for customers of all ages. Users could perform their banking activities with high speed at the same time ensuring high security thereby saving time and effort. We worked on features like, view account balances, transaction history, and detailed statements for various accounts such as savings, checking, and credit cards, Pay bills conveniently, set up recurring payments, and receive reminders to avoid late fees. End users can also track their spending, set financial goals, and get insights into their financial habits to achieve the desired financial objectives.

Mobile Banking App overview

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Implementing JavaScript code obfuscation.
  • Integrating gRPC (Google Remote Procedure Call).
  • Implementing the react native bridge for the Native code which is unavailable in the react native community.
  • Implementation of RASP(Runtime App Self-Protection).

How did we resolve these development challenges?

We resolved all challenges to develop the desired solution. For implementing JS code obfuscation, we developed custom obfuscation techniques that involved renaming variables and functions with non-descriptive names, breaking code into smaller functions, and applying various transformations to the code to make it less readable. For gRPC integration, we divided the integration process into smaller, manageable tasks- defining the communication protocols, implementing encryption and decryption methods, and integrating gRPC. We employed SSL/TLS to secure the gRPC communication in transit and secure key storage mechanisms. For the RN bridge, we built a custom native module by writing platform-specific native code (Java for Android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS) that interfaces with our React Native code. For RASP, we customized the RASP solution’s configuration to align with the specific security needs of this banking app and configured security policies and rules to define how the RASP solution should respond to different types of threats.

Mobile Banking App operation security
Mobile Banking App

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