Customer Profile

Our client needed a solution that would provide all-inclusive guidance to a candidate visiting the Amazon facility for an interview.

Iprep Issue/Problem


Interview candidates visiting the premises of tech giants like Amazon are most likely to encounter certain location-related challenges. Usually, candidates come across hassles like navigating through humongous spaces in order to reach the correct venue, locate a food joint within the premises, etc. Also, not every candidate is well-versed in the interview process or the documents that they need to carry for the interview. So, the chance of missing something important is a common occurrence.

Iprep Result


Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop a unique app called Iprep that offers comprehensive guidance to interview candidates visiting an Amazon facility. The app guides candidates on how to navigate through the recruitment venue and provides a checklist of all the necessary documents they must carry with them.

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Biz4Solutions tailored a future-friendly guidance & navigation app, Iprep. The app offers all-inclusive guidance to a candidate who’s visiting an Amazon business centre located at any corner of the globe for appearing in an interview. The guidance begins with briefing the candidates about the interview process & instructing them about all the essential documents they must carry for the interview. The app guides users on how to reach the Amazon facility. Once they reach the venue, the app helps candidates to navigate through the premises. Iprep helps users to effortlessly identify the desired building/tower where the interview will take place & locate all the facilities available within the facility like eateries, food malls, drinking water points, etc.

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Calculating the accurate position of the user in real-time.
  • Integrating Mapbox Map SDKs into the code to embed highly customized map.


Integrating Mapbox Map SDKs was a new kind of implementation for us, but our team did research and got the mapbox map library integrated seamlessly into iOS and Android code.

We resolved the challenge of getting correct position of the user in real-time. For this, we employed beacons for correctly broadcasting the signals received from users’ smartphones. Using complex mathematical algorithms, our developers devised a smart method for calculating the exact positioning of a user and ensured that there isn’t any latency during this process.

Iprep benefits


  • The app caters to both Android & iOS operating systems to maximize customer outreach.
  • Candidates get handy information to reach the interview location based on the mode of commuting they pick like trains, buses, flights, etc.
  • Users receive crucial interview tips.
  • Complete guidance to Candidates about carrying essential documents for their interview.
  • The navigational guidance helps individuals to save a lot of time & efforts.
  • Users enjoy a hassle-free interview experience.

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