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CampusDeals profile Customer Profile

A US-based client needed a solution that will help college students find the best deals from their favorite brands on the college campus itself.

CampusDeals issue problem Issue/Problem

A College campus is a place where many students hang out together and are likely to make online purchases. However, most of the students look for discounted offers from their favorite spots. But, there isn’t any direct communication channel that can consolidate offers from different brands and keep the students informed about the latest deals.

CampusDeals result Result

Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop such a unique app that enables brands to offer discounted deals to students on the college campus. Students can find & claim the best deals offered by their favorite brands or outlets in real-time, with just a few taps on their smartphones.


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CampusDeals overview


Businesses use such kind of apps to offer lucrative deals and sell discounted coupons on the college campus. The deals are not the same throughout the day; they keep changing frequently. Hence, the app’s content remains fresh and interesting. Students can filter their search on the basis of deals that expire soon or deals that are offered by nearby outlets. There’s an admin panel that allows admins to manage all categories and campuses. This includes adding, editing, or removing a particular category or campus. Businesses can send in-app notifications to users and also schedule future notifications for specific locations. Brands can utilize the feature of “banner management” to create a new banner or manage the existing one. Two types of banners are available – external and internal. While internal banners open in the same window, external banners can be opened in different windows.

Developmental Challenges Developmental Challenges

Our team came across the following developmental challenges:

  • Updating high-quality images in real-time.
  • Computation on the analytics engine.
  • Change deals frequently during the day.

CampusDeals Result Result

We resolved all challenges to develop the desired solution. We shifted the computational load to the Cloud and transferred a sub-set of information (smaller payload) to the client app for rendering. This helped in handling high-quality images and updating them in real time. For computation on the analytics engine, complex probabilistic models & regression models were computed in the Cloud using higher compute resources and the summary payloads (which are much smaller) were sent to the app for rendering. For changing deals frequently, we used caching mechanism to reduce unwanted data transfer.

overview mockup
overview mockup
overview mockup

CampusDeals Solution Highlight Solution Highlight

  • Simple & Intuitive Interface.
  • High-quality Images.
  • Customizable deals.
  • Location-specific deals presented to users to enhance the relevance
  • Advanced Search Options.
  • Real-time Updates.
  • Ability to share the most-liked deals with friends.
  • Analytics & Ad performance reports to Businesses.
  • Static Coupons and Live Feed Coupons Management.

CampusDeals benefits Benefits

  • The app caters to both Android & iOS operating systems & the web to maximize user outreach.
  • Students can redeem various types of deals from food services to retail.
  • Business owners can reach out to students very easily.
  • Good quality images and customization of deals help in attracting the attention of students.
  • Businesses can offer custom deals based on the current trend to maximize sales.
  • Entrepreneurs can generate sales even in the slowest times of the day by pushing real-time offers.
  • Analytics reports helps brands to understand customer requirement and create future deals accordingly.

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