A client needed a Learning Management System that will assist a student with school academics and competitive exam preparations.

Problem Statement

In today’s demanding educational landscape, students aspire to learn something more besides regular school coursework, be it for upskilling themselves or being able to excel in competitive exams. However, attending after-school in-person classes for this purpose is not always the best option. Students end up wasting time traveling to the desired location. Some may even face accessibility issues like inconvenient class timings, far-away locations, etc.

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Digilearn pattern


Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop an eLearning app for students and teachers. It offers much-needed guidance on school academics and exam preparation specifics. Students can access study material from anywhere at any time and evaluate themselves whenever they wish to by taking quick online/offline tests. Also, they can ask queries, get a performance overview, and can generate test reports. Additionally, the app provides a thorough analysis of a learner’s strengths and weaknesses based on their attempt pattern across multiple evaluations.


Biz4Solutions tailored a versatile eLearning app, Digilearn. This is an educational content management system used by different types of users like students, teachers, admin, and managers. Admin uploads the content and students and teachers consume the content. The application has an integrated learning content module where students can access content (PPTs, Videos, Tests, etc.) uploaded by the institute directly on web & mobile devices. Students can effortlessly ask and answer questions right from their devices through intuitive doubt clarification/discussion streams. The app provides performance-based analytics as well; which helps learners to track their progress. The mobile app is designed in such a way that it can work both in online as well as offline mode.

digilearn overview

Developmental Challenges

The app was developed in the Play framework earlier and developers were not able to run the application on the local server. Hence, it became challenging to debug the code for identifying the root cause of developmental issues and test the code on the local server.

How did we resolve this developmental Challenge?

To overcome this challenge, we migrated to the Spring Boot framework. Spring Boot provides a robust development environment with built-in tools for debugging and monitoring applications. After migration, it became easier to diagnose and resolve developmental issues.

Digilearn operation security

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