A client in USA wanted to empower Financially Focused Contact Centers to streamline outbound calling operations and enhance customer contact rates.

Problem Statement

Dialer companies and call centers face several issues in their outbound calling operations like low customer contact rates, call blocking, inefficient usage of phone numbers, negative consumer experiences, and compliance woes. They needed a solution that would provide them with actionable insights into their dialing operations to make data-driven decisions and expedite the effectiveness of their calling operations.

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Biz4solutions helped the client to tailor a unique solution Number Sentry. The solution functions as a licensed provider that assists Dialer companies, Financially-focussed call centers, and prominent consultants of call centers to enhance customer interaction rates and resolve outbound call-related challenges. Number Sentry identifies the complex roadblocks that discourage consumers from answering a dialler company’s outbound calls, provides valuable insights into their dialing processes, and helps Contact centers to improve their key performance metrics during calling operations.


Number Sentry is the only Financial Contact Center-focused and full-service carrier solution, that comes with five services- Number Guard, Number Recon, Number Mapper, Number Shield, and Number Defender. The solution provides analytical insights for outbound calling, technology-driven resolutions to optimize outbound call operations, and tailored services needed to enhance customer contact rates instantly. Users obtain data-driven answers to their questions on outbound calling operations- Call Blocking and Labelling, Call Branding, and Outbound Call Delivery. The solution identifies exactly which carriers and apps are spam tagging – or even blocking your calls, registers and appeals any labelling and blocking issues on your calling numbers, and provides you with clean, branded DID Phone numbers for use in your existing dialer.

Number Sentry overview

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across some developmental challenges as mentioned below:

  • Create the logic for sequencing DIDs in order to assign equal priorities to the outbound calling operations of different dialler companies using the platform.
  • When users entered a large volume of input data, it overwhelmed the system and the database couldn’t handle the high concurrent requests, causing it to become unresponsive.
  • The device switched into idle mode after a call got over during calling operations.

How did we resolve these development challenges?

We added sequencing to the calling lists of different users categorizing their DIDs into three separate groups. We defined a sequencing logic that takes into account the range-wise numbers associated with each user’s DIDs and prioritizes ascending number sequences based on the users within each group. We created a new field or attribute for each DID to store the assigned sequence value. We implemented a queue management system to resolve the issue of high load. The system accepts users’ input data. But, instead of immediately processing the data, it stores the data in a queue. The input data is processed one by one in a sequential manner; only one data processing task is active at any given time. We implemented event-based calling to prevent interruptions when a call finishes. This mechanism triggers an event after a call is over preventing the device from becoming idle.

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