Customer Profile

Our client needed an on-demand restaurant package delivery app that will enable live tracking of deliverables in transit, and most importantly, ensure top-grade data security and quality control of deliverables.

Deliver Perfect Issue/Problem

Problem Statement

Today, supply chains across the food industry have become pretty complex. Restaurants obtain their supplies of ingredients from various vendors and at times, even from different regions. The raw materials change several hands like warehouses, transportation vendors, etc. while their journey from the grower to the restaurant. As such, it becomes difficult for restaurant entities to validate the authenticity and genuineness of the food materials they have supplied. And, if they have delivered poor quality & sub-standard raw materials beyond their knowledge, the health of their end customers is at risk, putting their brand reputation at stake as well.

Deliver Perfect Result


Biz4Solutions helped the client to develop a high-end restaurant package delivery app application called DeliverPerfect. The app has integrated Blockchain technology to bring transparency & visibility into the supply chain. With DeliverPerfect, users – restaurants and customers – can trace the origin of a specific raw material right from the farm to the fork. They can review the quality of the food item/raw materials as well as every small detail like cold storage conditions, etc.

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Biz4Solutions has tailored an innovative restaurant package delivery app for the client. App enables supply chain tracking, online food ordering, and doorstep delivery at the end customers’ desired locations. There are three sections for different categories of users – end-customers, admin panel, and restaurant managers/staff. Once the manager or the employee of an eatery signs in, they can view details in the app only if the admin has approved their request. Admins can log in to the admin console, view the profile of the vendor registered, and then approve it. Users choose eatables from the product lists displayed by multiple food joints. Users can view all the food items and their details; add selected eatables to the cart; review and apply offers; select/add payment methods and addresses; and place an order after paying through the app. The order is assigned to a delivery valet whose live location can be tracked on the map by the user. After a successful delivery, users can rate and review the delivery experience.

Developmental Challenges

Our team came across some developmental challenges as mentioned below:

  • Ensuring top-grade data security within the app.
  • Allowing customers to track the origin and verify the authenticity & quality of the product before making the purchase.
  • Enabling live tracking of shipments while they are being delivered.


Our proficient and experienced development team overcame all challenges to build the desired solution. For ensuring high data security, we integrated the Stellar platform for payment integration. For tracking product details, we used Dragonchain Blockchain APIs. These APIs were used to generate a unique transaction IDs that were saved in the database. The QR code on the product contains unique transaction ID. Once a user chooses a product and scans the product’s QR code using the app, the transaction ID is sent to the Dragonchain API for fetching the product details. Then, an entire report of the product particulars gets displayed for the user’s perusal. With geo-location integration, users were able to track the live location of shipments.

Deliver Perfect benefits


  • Restaurant menu, order list, and wish list for consumer’s convenience.
  • Users can view all the food joints in a list format and can also locate the stores on the map.
  • Consumers have to just scan a food item’s QR code through the app for obtaining a report on the food product’s origin, ingredients, authenticity, and quality as compared to other similar products.
  • Users can apply offers if any while making the payment.
  • The order is assigned to a delivery valet whose live location can be tracked on the map by the user.
  • Users can make online payments or pay in cash to the delivery person after receiving the order.
  • Store management modules for admins.

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