Customer Profile

Our client wanted us to build native apps (iOS and Android) for water testing that will streamline their testing & reporting operations. They were looking for an effective solution for the water industry that will minimize errors in the water testing process and facilitate the water purification process.

Aircraftcrews Issue/Problem

Problem Statement

Storing water testing data for different parameters from different types of Sensors, Controllers and water testing meters was very cumbersome due to the high volume of data involved. Owing to an ever growing demand from the clients, with no simplified reporting mechanism in place, and due to lack of better insights, water testing operations remained very inefficient.

Aircraftcrews Result


Biz4Solutions helped the client to tailor a revolutionary water quality testing, reporting and monitoring solution. This application facilitated the testing of water quality using hand-held devices (tablets, mobile phones & iPads). Users could enter the test data in the mobile app & web console, and could track their test results periodically. It helped them completely streamline their test scheduling and test data entry operations.

We understand your specific business objectives. Discuss with us to explore how we can help you in building a customized solution for water quality testing, treatment, and monitoring.


Biz4Solutions has developed a comprehensive & versatile water testing and analysis solution. It enables users to do turnkey report entry, allows commenting using voice and text, facilitates connectivity to controller devices, and also helps test the quality of water using the mobile apps and web console. They can also obtain graphical and statistical reports of their tests on demand. The platform also offers different Safety Data Sheets in PDF formats for different testing parameters. Users can conduct automated or manual testing. Thereafter, the app generates historical and statistical reports of the tests.

Developmental Challenges

  • Creating a centralized location for entering, storing, and analyzing data.
  • Synchronizing information from 2 different databases was a huge challenge, but our team analysed all the workflows and came up with the best centralized online solution for multiple clients.
  • Map integration through the console as well as the mobile app to display the current, future, and past status of the water testing experiments conducted.
  • Advanced searches with complex calculations and algorithms for comprehensive insights.


Our highly skilled and experienced development team overcame all these challenges to build a robust water testing solution. Along with the mobile apps, a web-based solution was also developed. The web console solution was an online reporting software that helped create a centralized location for data entry, data storage, and analysis. Users have access to a variety of exemplary features. User-entered reports, data storage from external devices, graphing and trending features, inventory management, and document storage are some of them. Also, data and customers can be compartmentalized based on geographical location or business segment.

Water testing benefits


  • The water testing analysis report is represented through colored graphs to enhance readability & understanding.
  • The readings can be effortlessly stored without worrying about network availability.
  • The map shows different colored pins that help users receive schedules at a particular location.
  • The app provides reminders through alerts one hour prior so that the expected schedule is not missed.
  • The management team can monitor all the activities of specimen experts.
  • Each client site is privately labelled with customizable login pages, internal landing pages and themes to enable you to position this site as an extension of your own company branding.

Additional Benefits

  • All the features of the web console can be used as sales tools and it also saves time in comparison to the traditional documentation methods.
  • Store data from devices such as controllers, connect to compatible devices and graph device data history all within the web console.
  • Assign color codes to each test result to provide a visual aid for out-of-spec test conditions.
  • Graphing and alarming features can be configured based on the color status of each test.

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