Customer Profile

A US-based client wanted an on-demand app that will help consumers instantly place an online order while on-track driving and quickly grab essentials on the go.


Consumers who are traveling/driving find it challenging to pre-order essentials, set a timeframe to pick the item from the concerned retail store, track orders, and make instant payments on the go.


Biz4Solutions helped the client to tailor a unique on-demand app, Exut. We developed a multi-merchant solution that enabled our client with the ease of delivery. The app connects merchants to consumers who wish to order while they are travelling.

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Service Provider Module:

Our On-Demand App Exut, has consolidated a pool of various stores that have uploaded their products like essentials, beverages, alcohol, etc. The app helps the merchant to manage their inventory and pricing. The app empowers the merchant to track the consumer in real-time on the map and mark the order as completed once the product is delivered to the end customer.

User Module:

The app provides a map view of all the stores located within close vicinity of the user. The user can also view and compare the products offered by all the merchants and peek into their store ratings. The app provides users an approximate idea of how much time it will take to reach to a particular merchant store to pick up the desired item based on the distance.

Developmental Challenges

  • Real-time tracking of the customer by the merchant.
  • Real-time tracking of the store’s location by the consumer on-the-go.
  • Instant invoice generation after the payment is executed.
  • Calculating the approximate time the consumer is likely to take for reaching the store based on the current location.

Result: How did we resolve Bottlenecks to develop a perfect solution?

Our skilled developers overcame bottlenecks and devised an outstanding solution, Exut. We have integrated maps for enabling real-time location tracking. Consumers get an option to ‘en route’ & ‘side track’ depending upon the time when they would require to leave from the starting point. Both the end customer as well as the merchant get notified after the consumer reaches the pick-up point of the store. The app auto-generates an invoice for the users right after the payment transaction is successful.

Solution Highlights

  • Ability to view nearby stores on the map.
  • Merchants can manage products and other listing.
  • Third party payment integration using Stripe.
  • The user can rate and share their feedback.
  • Option to en-route & side-track.
  • Instant notifications when a user places an order using the app.
  • Flexibility to accept or reject an order.


  • Hassle-free profile creation, ordering, add-to-cart, and check-out options for users.
  • Displayed products segregated as per their categories to simplify consumers’ search.
  • A map with a pin to clearly indicate the delivery location.
  • Option to en-route & side-track.
  • Displays the approximate time to reach the merchant store.
  • Automatic Invoice Generation for the user immediately after the payment.
  • Auto-payment option for the admin and the service provider as per weighted percentages.

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