Customer Profile

Our client wanted a solution that will facilitate asset management for business operations.

AssetControl Issue/Problem

Problem Statement

Today, several businesses face productivity issues due to manual asset management. There is a need to manage and track the assets efficiently and accurately. However, traditional asset management tools and systems fail to deliver the desired outcome as they are often time-consuming and raise costs in the long run.

AssetControl Result


Biz4Solutions helped the client to build an asset tracking and management app solution that can streamline asset tracking and maintenance. It also has enabled asset recovery using GPS positioning. Hence, asset management becomes much quicker and more accurate. This way, this asset management app boosts the productivity of businesses that rely heavily on asset management for generating revenue.

When developing an app, we focus on our client’s business objectives & specific requirements. Explore how partnering with us can help you to build a revolutionary asset management app that offers out-of-the-box services.


AssetControL is an asset management app to support business operations. It facilitates tasks like asset registration, routine scheduling, & reporting. The app caters to mobile and the web. Users can access various features like log requests, work orders, spare parts, transactions, history, meter readings, assets, asset locations, forms, etc. New-age functionalities like biometric authentication, barcode scanning, NFC scanning, camera, etc. are also available. This application is not available for just any end user; it is meant for enterprise customers only.

Developmental Challenges

  • Scanning NFC and barcode data and fetching details from API.
  • Showing spider cluster of pins on map and grouping pins at the same location.
  • Implementing a forms feature on mobile was very difficult. Forms fields are created dynamically on web app and showing that in mobile screen was difficult.


Our innovative developers overcame all challenges to achieve the desired outcome in AssetControl, Resolved the scanning issues for NFC and barcode by doing correct configuration in the code. We used heatmaps and cell-based density information to show the spider clustering of pins. For implementing dynamic form fields from the API: API would send the sections and fields for the app to render. By passing sections through the app we were able to know what custom fields to render on the mobile app.

Assetcontrol benefits


  • The solution caters to mobile and the Web to maximize customer outreach.
  • Users can create/view assets, routines, work requests, work orders, order history, etc.
  • There’s a barcode for assets, work orders, history, and stocks.
  • Pins are displayed on the image layout of assets and sub-assets.
  • There’s a spider view on the map to show the location pins of assets.
  • Users can submit & view service requests.

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