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AppWeigh is a Bluetooth onboard scale sensor and app for air suspension trucks and trailers that provides the weight information necessary to help ensure that loads are transported safely and legally.


How to get notified when the driver exceeds the weight of the vehicle beyond the preset limit and save the money & time of transportation industry.


Our solution has developed an app especially for transportation industry, which has changed the traditional complex and expensive way for measuring the truck load. This app can be useful for individual truck owner as well as transportation company. Read More


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Client’s Need

Our client wanted to create an app for driver or trucking company with the principle of “noscale load scale” providing load details very cost effectively without the use of any complex hardware expensive scale. This will help the driver to increase their profit by staying in legal weight limits and won’t need to spend much on onboard scale.


AppWeigh, the only Bluetooth enabled scale sensor app for the commercial transport industry. We have developed this app which calculates the load on truck & trailer. Users can configure the weight of the truck & trailer with the help of sensors connected to the vehicle axles. This app generates alerts which helps user to ensure that the weight of vehicle doesn’t exceed beyond the preset limit. It continuously triggers the pressure values from sensor and provides the weight reading through the App.

Mission- Replacing the complex, expensive and traditional load scale measuring methods with a low energy cost effective method

Reality- Creating a new way for transportation industry to excel in their process and save time & money therein.


  • Truck drivers should be able to Calibrate and configure the app for almost all kinds of trucks & trailers – we provided an easy interface to drivers to calibrate trucks & trailers in single click.
  • Preserve the load record data even when the app is out of network and sync with the server when network is available – we provided offline functionality in the app such that data is never lost.
  • Make it easy to pairing Bluetooth enabled Sensors – we provided an easy and automatic interface for pairing different sensors for different Axles.
  • Extrapolate data received from the sensor into shareable and printable format – Readable format data that could be shared on social media.
  • Real time data collection – Collect data through multiple sensors corresponding to each axle so that total load weight can be determined.
  • Display color coded data for real time differences in load – This was a really challenging task due to constantly changing dynamic weights when the truck is in motion on various roads.


Biz4Solutions has developed an app especially for transportation industry, which has changed the traditional complex and expensive way for measuring the truck load. The app has been specially developed to help people save money and themselves be assure of observing legal weighing limits.

This app can be useful for individual truck owner as well as transportation company. As many trucks & trailers can be configured in the app. They can Add the truck and trailer details manually and enter details like name of the truck, truck’s license plate number, select the number of height control valves and axle weight limit for steer axle, drive axle & trailer axles etc.

The user can themselves pair multiple sensors through the app for each axle group and also calibrate the sensors at axles (Steer, Drive and Trailer) for their empty load and full load. The users can see the details and date of last calibration and edit them whenever necessary.

Once paired and calibrated, the user can get the details such as lbs or kg load on all the Axles, and the weight for each axle is colour coded to indicate safe weight, nearing max weight limit Or over max weight limit; The app can keep a continuous track of weight values in real time.

In case if the mobile goes out of network while the truck is on road, the data will get stored in the mobile local database and it will get synced to the server when it comes back online.

User can share the details of the truck weight records at anytime through email or other social sharing.

Technology Stack





Location Based Tracking


  • Ease of use – User interface which is very easy to use by truck drivers.
  • Divers can manually set up the sensor Bluetooth with respective truck/trailer axle.
  • Drivers can manually calibrate the sensor with the truck/trailer axle through the App.
  • Color indicators to indicate safe weight, nearing max weight limit and over max weight limit.
  • Social Media integration to share readings through social media sharing options.
  • Offline local database for users to save the data whenever offline which automatically gets uploaded to the server when user is connected to internet.

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