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USA based company in water industry having their reach at various domains such as drinking water, waste water treatment, upstream oil & gas, petroleum, industrial working fluids and metal working fluids aiming for providing control of microorganisms in water.

Client’s Testimonial

Biz4solutions allowed us to shorten our billing cycle and save money. Prior to using this app, we were finding it difficult to manage information between our field and office staff. This app has added a level of professionalism we didn’t think was possible at this cost. It’s definitely a big bang for a little buck.”

– Andrew Smith


Our solutions have helped our clients to solve the errors of manual data entry from various meters/sensors such as colorimeter, micro plate reader, PH sensor, ORP sensor thus increasing their productivity by 50%. User can keep a complete track of all the devices, test readings, reports and manage them as and when necessary with the help of our solutions.

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Absence of the app made it difficult to capture readings for the on field technicians in digital form. It prevented the users to have a quick access to results obtained from analysis and intimating them with real time warnings.


The aim of the application is to provide clients with the best water testing analytics Mobile Software as a Service (SaaS) product which is compatible with IoT and hosted on a cloud. It benefits to the clients by calibrating this product with client’s other products such as test kits and Bluetooth/Zigbee/RFID based Meters to deliver an all-in-one solution for water testing and analysis in water treatment related applications. Further aim is to reduce clients efforts and offer reassurance that processes are in control.

The client can keep a complete track of all the devices, employees, reports and manage them as and when necessary. Specifically, the client aims to revolutionize the water testing industry by offering various features which help them stand out in the market, thereby saving their time required in the internal process and cutting down the paper work.


  • Integration with water testing meter over Bluetooth
  • Rendering large complex graphical analysis on mobile device screens
  • Handling large amount of complex data on mobile device while at the same time offering high performance
  • Map based analytics


This app is a measuring and monitoring app for capturing data from the various meters/sensors such as colorimeter, micro plate reader, PH sensor, ORP sensor etc. for real time analysis of water testing in various industries working in drinking water, waste water treatment, upstream oil & gas, petroleum, industrial working fluids and metal working fluids and many more.

This mobile app interfaces with water testing meters/sensors over various wireless protocols and collects the readings to generate automatic reports within the app. End user can get the information like Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Bacteria, Free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Dissolved Oxygen, UV Transmittance, Electrical conductivity, etc. within the water. Measurements can be associated with test kits, samples sites, locations, technicians, time, date, readings etc.

The collected data is stored in cloud and is used to provide real time, highly configurable graphical and tabular reports. This app offers real-time, accurate quantification of results and provides ability to pinpoint the problem areas with least amount of effort and time which hence improves efficiency thereby reducing human errors.

Technology Stack


  • Automatic data capture and eliminate manual data entry and errors
  • Transmit data to stakeholders : fast, efficient and reliable
  • Identify data anomalies on the spot and prompt technician on the spot to check data errors
  • Connect to existing organization data stores
  • Cloud storage helps to retain data for a much longer time and easily accessible remotely.
  • Reduce time to market as no major setup or infrastructure required
  • Scalable to demand
  • In App Hidden Admin console which can be seen and accessed only by the known/authorised persons of the company
  • Option to be display the samples in a list view as well as map view with pin indicators for alarm priority
  • Receive sample location graphical trend/report for 7, 14, 30, 60 or any range of days as per users requirement
  • Easy visual and text guidelines for the onsite technicians to connect with the device.
  • Multilingual support
  • Offline syncing in case of network unavailability to store data in offline database and upload to server in case of network retrieval.
  • Option to customise the app for organisation specific theme support

If you are interested to know more about our success stories of IoT in Water Industry or looking for a similar kind of IoT based solution, then please call us at (407)401-9289 or e-mail us at sales.enquiry@biz4solutions.com. We would love to help you.