React Native Development

In 2013, when the Facebook team first introduced ReactJS to the tech world, it was the beginning of something more useful- React Native. Until then, Facebook was dependent completely on HTML, which resulted in slow retrieval of data and had some performance-related issues. In 2015, React Native was released and made available to the public on GitHub. It was then made open-source too. Within just three years of its inception, it gained immense popularity in the software development world.

Today, React Native has 92.7k stars, 3.7k views, and 20.4k forks on GitHub and also one of the most popular repositories.

What will we cover in our React Native Framework Guide? Below are some of the topics that we will be looking at.

The purpose behind creating this page

From A to Zee, this page will consist of everything about the React Native Framework. This page is meant to benefit one and all in the React Native world! It will guide the readers through authentic and comprehensive knowledge of RN. No more searching! Get all the information in one place.

For whom is this guide useful?

Is React Native your next preference for app development? Then this page is for you. This guide is a single source for those who want end-to-end theory knowledge on RN. It helps mobile app developers, start-ups, small or medium-sized businesses, experienced professionals, technical enthusiasts, etc. to get the hang of RN.
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What is React Native Framework?