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Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Biz4Solutions works with facilities having little computer experience to companies utilizing highly advanced IT based software. We are experienced in customized programming and can package any facility with the most cutting-edge, comprehensive technology on the market today to provide services to their patients. We are an IT software company having extensive experience in Wearables, mobile and web apps within various business categories like doctor appointment app, on-demand services, event organizing, Uber like apps, distinctive chatting apps similar to WhatsApp and ecommerce solutions. We offer HIPAA compliant software development solutions to ensure safety of medical data and bring a digital revolution in the healthcare organizations. Protection of patient health data is our first concern. Our team of software developers, architects and project managers have a good experience in providing robust healthcare services to the client across the globe.

Practice Management System (PMS)

We custom design and provide PMS to Medical Practices for assisting in their daily operations. Our PMS system provides following functionalities.


Patient Scheduler


Electronics Medical Records(EMR)


Electronics Billing To Payers


Electronics Charge Postings


Mail Patient Statements


Clinical/Claim Level Reports




KPI’s, reporting and analytics

Healthcare Management System (HMS) is a comprehensive web and mobile app solution that helps to manage daily hospital operations in practice management and boosts the patient engagement as well. This is also a doctor-patient communication app solution that lets the doctors, staff, and patients to connect and communicate seamlessly. All the electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) related to patients, staff, and doctors are saved at one place in the app.
This reduces the paperwork and ensures the safety of medical records as everything is saved digitally. The doctors, as well as patients, have access to the relevant health records and history, which reduces search time and efforts. This app solution is HIPAA compliant for protection and security of the healthcare data. It is also a doctor appointment app through which patients can book appointments in the available time slots of doctors.
Biz4Solutions offers web-based patient appointment / staff scheduler software to help the physician’s front desk in scheduling patient appointments, enter or update patient demographics and eligibility. It also acts like a doctor-patient communication app which builds trust amongst the patients.

Biz4Solutions provides insurance card scanner software to tie patient image to patient demographics.

This EMR package has been custom designed for your clinic. It provides physicians an easy way to capture activities associated with directorships, co-management agreements, teaching or other hospital arrangements that require payment for services. It is like a doctor appointment app which lets the patients to book appointment with the doctors based on their specialty, location, etc.

Main features include:

  • Dash Board: This control panel that shows various gauges and accessories. It starts with the Patient information then Encounters, Evaluation, Assessments, labs etc.
  • Medical History: Entire medical history of patients of medication or surgeries is maintained with HIPAA compliant architecture.
  • Separation of Data: Past Procedure information that are done at the local clinic is kept separate from the History. Clinical data is designed so that, associates have to enter the information only once. It is added in the data dictionary in Meta Data and then it is always there to select instead of data Entry. Metadata information is captured to build the database so that associates do not have to data enter again.
Our EDI software can electronically submits claims to the payers/carriers through Biz4Solutions clearing house assisting payers submit payments faster. Biz4Solutions uses 837/835 specifications for payment charges summation and reception per HIPPA guidelines. For the payer who does not accept EDI (Electronic) file, we can help submit the claims via paper.
We will ensure proper validation prior to submitting claims that eliminate late payments and denials from the payers. Our associates are diligent to submit each claim to the payer within a 24 hour turn-around time upon receiving the claim documents from the practice. We also submits EDI claims to government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Healthcare Portfolio

Our forte includes developing applications with features like Patient Scheduling, Medical Emergency Response, Time Record Activity for physicians, two-way communication between patients and doctor, Pulse measurement and monitoring, e-prescription etc.

We know what it takes to make your IT Organization HIPAA compliant and have helped many clients achieve this, mentioned below :

patient doctor communication app

Patient- Doctor Communication App

An instant messaging and HIPAA compliant app that helps physicians and healthcare providers to communicate directly with patients, avoiding unnecessary middlemen!


Phlex65- Caregiver App

A beneficial HIPPA compliant app that connects older adults with caregivers from nearby areas, in real-time to help them in daily activities and emergency needs!

Medical Emergency Response

Medical Emergency Response

An outstanding app that connects the patients instantly with medical professionals in case of life-threatening emergency situations, to guide them and save their lives!

Doctor Appointment System

Doctor Appointment System

A valuable app that helps the patients to search for doctors with specializations and choose the best ones according to their services, ratings and costs, within their city!

Total Management App for Physicians

Total Management App for Physicians

A helpful app for the hospital owners that records time and activities of doctors and other staff to send it to administrative personnel and manage their payments!



An efficient app that enables identification, tracking and management of a large number of patients during any catastrophic events for saving their lives!